20 People Reveal The One Thing They Always Say “Yes” To

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There are certain things in life you just can’t say “no” to, Fireball shots, bacon or someone’s Netflix log-in for example. Everybody has a weakness. I went on a quest on this Ask Reddit thread to find out 20 things people just can’t say no to. Pizza? Check. Sex? You bet.

1. Going home early, duh.

Do you want to head home early today? Fuckin eh right I do, bossman.

2. Going on a “Craigslist adventure“? Oh okay!

Going on Craigslist adventures. If a friend asks if i want to ride with them to some sketchy place to buy weird shit I always say yes.

3. Birthday parties! Even if you don’t know the person well/at all. There will probably be booze, so.

Birthday parties. Even if I’m not feeling it or don’t know the person very well, I still say yes and come. If they invited me, they want me there and I’m going to celebrate their birthday with them.

4. This comes in handy if you’re watching porn on the inter webs, not so cool if you’re being hit on by way older men.

“Are you over 18?”

5. Anybody who says “no” to this has got some serious life issues to iron out and should be held in quarantine until they figure themselves out.



6. It’s not like anybody reads these anyhow. You just click “ok” and go on downloading. Who cares what the terms of service are just give me my stuff!

Do you accept the terms of service?

7. FREE FOOD! Want people at your party? Tell them there will be food.

Free food, a full stomach won’t stop me from having future leftovers.

8. Also, tea! It would be weird not to accept a free cup of tea.

A cup of tea.

9. Where there is food there is also sex. Why would anyone say “no” to consensual sex? Like, who even are you?

sex. doesn’t happen often so ‘always’ is a stretch.

10. When your kid wakes up from a nightmare and wants to sleep in your bed.

When my little girl wakes up in the night and asks to sleep in my bed. How could i say no, even tho she is only 3 and still take over most of the bed.

11. Some people are easy to please, I guess.

Blowjobs, alcohol and chicken.

12. Nandos, this UK chicken place. I’ve been once. It was ok.

A cheeky Nandos.

13. A private dance at a strip club. Sounds like fun!


Private dances at strip clubs. When/if ever I am at a strip club I repeatedly tell myself “don’t say yes to a dance, don’t say yes to a dance…” “Hey you wanna dance?” I become mute and furiously nod my head.

14. Being guilted into overtime at work or working on “just one more project” before you have to go home. HORROR.

Overtime at work, just feel really guilty if they want me to stay and I don’t.

15. Pedicures.

Pedicures, even though I secretly haaaaate them. My best friend and I almost never get kid-free quality time together. So, when she calls and asks if I want to go get a pedicure I go. Because she loves them, and it’s her one and only relaxing indulgence. PS-I’m a good freaking friend, because I’m epileptically ticklish, and I hate people touching my feet.

16. Gum or even a mint for that matter. TAKE THE HINT.

Gum. You can never be too sure if someone is being polite or dropping a hint.

17. If someone asks to dance with you, the least you can do is say yes! It takes a lot of courage for guy to come up to you.

Being asked to dance. If you’re standing in the area of the dance floor, you say YES. It is hard for guys to get up the nerve to ask, and as a result, men and women spend most of their evening standing around unhappily. If more women respected this social contract, then more men would ask more often, and more total dances and happiness would ensue. EVERY ASK GETS AT LEAST ONE SONG. If you like the guy, stay with him for more songs.

18. Bloop! People are so kinky

Anal with an attractive person. Yes, both giving and receiving.

19. Going out to lunch at work!

Going to lunch. My co-workers know I’m not going to turn down going out for lunch if they ask. Best part of the workday.

20. A double shot of liquor. If she’s offering you a double, even though it costs more, why would you say NO?

A double. I always feel like the bartender is challenging me, and I never back down from a challenge.

For the record I would like to add bacon, Chick-Fil-A and Sour Patch Kids to the mix. What are the things you would always say “yes” to? Put them in the comments! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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