5 Vogue Femme Clips You Need To See Immediately

Voguing is a dance form that emerged in the underground club world in New York City during the 70s and 80s. As a full-blown underground culture, voguing rose to the mainstream thanks (or, maybe, no thanks?) in no small part to Jenny Livingston’s eye-opening if controversial documentary Paris Is Burning.

Produced the same year as Madonna’s Vogue and the publication of Gender Trouble, Judith Butler’s seminal take down of gender as we know it, Paris Is Burning documents the voguing scene as it looks in New York on the cusp of the 90s. If you’re not familiar the dance form is incredible because it combines the best of fashion model poses, daring dramatics and story telling all set to costumes and hard, hard beats.

If you’re curious about what voguing looks like today, here are five videos you’ll watch over and over.

1. Leyomi

2. Voguing Train

3. Keiona Lanvin VS Bamby Melody

4. It Got Crazy!

5. Vogue Femme Compilation

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