15 Horrified Former Walmart Employees Share What It Was Like To Work There

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1. Fucking hell…

I worked in grocery as a stocker. We had just finished a cereal display near the front of the store compiled of about 100 boxes. In comes an older lady, around 60s, driving one of the electric carts. She’s looking dead on at the display and promptly rams into the thing. Boxes go everywhere and she starts apologizing over and over and explains that she’s legally blind. A customer that was nearby and saw everything asked her how she drove here if she was blind.. She responded by quickly turning around and leaving the store.


2. The things people will do

My mom was a manager at Walmart… She told me about this woman who was trying to steal a prepaid phone. When she got caught by security she used the knife she was attempting to open the plastic packaging with to cut the security dude after cutting herself…. She then went on to scream at him that she has AIDS and now he’s going to have it for trying to stop her.


3. “I hate Walmart”

I sprained my back moving product in the back. At first I thought it was a pulled muscle, and walked towards the pharmacy to try and buy a heating pads and some Tylenol. I made it to jewelry, barely keeping conscious from the pain. I asked my coworker to call management and let them know I had hurt myself pretty badly and needed to go to the hospital. Management told her to have me go to the back office to fill out paperwork. I blacked out twice going back, and was yelled at for taking so long. I ended up being out for a month and a half for the injury, and got a whopping $24 in workmans comp because the second I got hurt my hours were reduced to one hour a week. I hate Walmart.


4. Well I’ll be…

I worked with a bunch of people who were related to each other. There was the dad, *Steve, his wife, his wife’s sister, and his stepdaughter who worked there during the day in the jewelry department. Steve stocked the sporting goods department, right next to mine. This guy was really gross. He would constantly pop over to my section and ask me if I needed help lifting stuff up onto the overstock shelves and he would make comments about how pretty I was and how if he was 10 years younger he’d date me (dude was pushing 50 and I was just a 19 year old girl). I just laughed off his comments, say I didn’t need help and that I was perfectly happy with my boyfriend thank you. One night he decided to tell me how big his penis was. He related a story (a total lie, I’m sure) to me about how one day he was getting out of the shower and his stepdaughter (who was 17) saw him accidentally and exclaimed about how nice his penis was and how she wanted to “try it out”. I was dumbfounded and I did not know what to say. I just said “oh, well I gotta get back to work” and kinda shuffled away. A week later he was caught having sex with his wife’s sister in the bathroom at work. They were both fired, his wife quit and his stepdaughter continued to work there.



I’ll start with my grossest: A woman comes in with some panties and said they didn’t fit and she wanted to return them for cash because she had already bought the correct size elsewhere. She had a receipt and plopped a Walmart bag down on the counter. Inside this bag were 6 crusty crotched, shit stained panties that were a biohazard from six feet away. Needless to say I did not touch them. I paged the manager on duty and he tells me to just TAKE THEM BACK despite being very nasty. Processed the return and she happily left the store with her $8


6. Coupon people are the literal worst

Once I had a woman who was giving me a hard time about a coupon that was expired (coupon people are the worst). She refused to give up, she really wanted that dollar off. My line was really getting long and I was getting really frustrated. So I reached in my pocket and pulled out a Five and said “If I give you a five will you give up on this coupon?” She got pissed and said “I can’t believe you said that to me.” She told the CSM but I didn’t get in trouble for it.


7. Walmart doesn’t believe in calling 911

I was a department manager in frozen foods. One day (on one of my days off, so I didn’t witness this) one of my employees came into work seeming very confused and disoriented. She couldn’t remember the date, what day it was. Someone asked her what her name is. She couldn’t remember. She clearly had what some would call a very minor case of serious brain damage. The store refused to call 911 and instead called for her mother to pick her up and take her to the hospital.

Apparently, something that not everyone appears to be aware of is that if you ask someone, “What is your name?”, and they respond, “I don’t know”, then you need to call for an ambulance. This woman had a blood vessel in her brain that popped. Her head partially exploded. It could have killed her. And those cheap bastards at Walmart wouldn’t call 911. There was also someone in produce who had a heart attack. The store didn’t call 911 for him, either. One of the other produce associates had to volunteer to take him to the hospital. Walmart is probably the only place I’ve worked at about which I could say that they wouldn’t care if I died right there in the store and it wouldn’t be hyperbole. Fuck Walmart.


8. I lost my mind

I worked on third shift for a summer between college years. The Walmart I was in had about 1 hour’s worth of music playing over the speakers all night, playing on a nonstop loop. My sleep habits were already pretty fucked from trying to adjust to third shift, but the music is what really did it. I heard that same music loop over and over again, all shift, five days a week. When I left the store, I would still hear it running in my head. Then I started hearing it in my dreams. Then, it got so ingrained, that I started just dreaming I was working my shift at Walmart. Several days a week, I would have the experience of working an entire 8 hour shift, then just around quitting time, my alarm clock would go off, and I would wake up and go work an 8 hour shift. I quit a few weeks early at the end of the summer because I was losing my goddamn mind.


9. There was shit all over the bathroom walls

This was like 5 days ago (I still work there). Went into the men’s room and there was liquid shit on the wall and dripping down to the floor, like someone literally shot a diarrhea rocket on the wall. I just pretended like I didn’t see it and carried on with my day :/


10. And in the middle of the toy aisle too …

Last summer I frequently visited my best friend who worked at the technology counter thing at Walmart. One day when I was there someone took the biggest, steamiest shit I’ve ever seen in my life in the middle of the toy aisle. Someone pushed a cart through it and it smeared everywhere. My buddy called in a code brown on his walkie talkie, trying to be a smart ass. Code brown means hostage situation. Hilarity ensued.


11. An old lady stuffed some money in my crotch

Former Cart Pusher. Had an old lady try to tip me $1 after I helped her bring her newly bought plants or some shit to her car. Told her I couldn’t accept it per company policy (an it was only 1 dollar so I mean it wasn’t particularly enticing). She then proceeded to roll over in her little scooter mobile and stuff it down the front of my pants. She chuckled dirtily as she rolled away.


12. This guy really needed a corn dog

Some dude pounded his fist on the counter as hard as he could and screamed COME ON MAN HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!! I was trying to unroll a roll of dimes to give him his change. He was buying corn dogs from the deli place.


13. Woman fills perfume bottle with own piss

One day a woman stole a bottle of perfume, and took it to the bathroom. She poured it out into her own container, and then proceeded to fill the container with her own piss. She then took the bottle up to returns and tried to return it. To this day I have no idea why my manager gave her the refund. It was very obvious that the woman pissed in the bottle because it was still warm. TL;DR woman steals perfume, returns her own piss, and profits from Wal-Mart.


14. Even the magazines are unsafe

I did not work for Walmart but for a company that serviced the magazines at Walmart among others. I would see people open magazines and spit in them and put them back. I would see people ripping out pages and blow their nose with it. People would stick religious and political pamphlets into the mags. I saw one old lady rip the covers off all the sports illustrated swimsuit issues. Another time someone kept trying to hide the ESPN “body issues” which was frustrating because we were under orders to have them displayed prominently in a specific spot so I had to find them and reset them about 5 times. Then of course the people who just rip open the magazines in plastic wrap meant to keep something else inside like a cd or dvd and take the product.


15. The shit you see at Walmart

Working late one night, I notice an older guy stumbled in wearing a long tan trench coat. He was taking HUGE steps like he was trying to do lunges or something.

Next thing I know… 3 manager come from all directions, grab the guy and walk to the back. I later found out that he was completely naked under the coat and was walking in big steps so that the coat would open up a little and expose his penis.

But that wasn’t the best part! In his drunken state, he had decided that drinking and driving was a bad idea…so he rode his horse to Walmart and parked it in a handicapped parking spot.

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