WATCH: Two Hot Models Drench Donatella Versace With Ice Water


So I’m a little over the whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing, mostly because there are only so many times you can watch videos of people getting their wigs and eyelashes torn off via the force of ice water. However! This video of fashion icon Donatella Versace doing the challenge is everything. I mean first of all, it’s Donatella Versace, a glamorous unicorn who floats around on a fabulous cloud of gold, champagne and Xanax.

You’d never expect someone who is fabulous as a profession to let us to see them in such a vulnerable state. I guess that’s why we love watching celebrities do the challenge so much.

Um also…can we discuss how hot the two models are? Wondering if they would like to drench me with water lol. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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