19 Simple Ways To Feel Happier Right Now


1. Find a fragrance you love, a scent that really defines you, and wear that puppy every day. People will associate you with the scent and, more importantly, knowing you smell awesome will flood you with confidence.

2. Walk to work or school listening to a playlist of upbeat songs or other cheesy pop songs you used to love but haven’t heard in a while. Music is almost always attached to specific memories or life situations, so playing a song will throw your back in time.

3. Never be ho-hum about life. Even if you hate your job, don’t let that suck all the energy out of you. You are the star of your own movie, so find a way to keep yourself interested in your own life. Don’t get stuck, bored to death in a rut.

4. Smile at people, especially if the person interests you in some way. You’ll make their day and, chances are, they’ll smile back at you and think about that moment for the rest of the day.

5. Always look your best. Some days that’s not really possible, but when you’re feeling up to it, throw on your favorite piece of clothing. People forget about the power of a good outfit. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even “on trend,” but as long as you look good, you’ll feel good.

6. Find inspiration everywhere you look. Don’t be afraid to pause to take a picture of a really beautiful moment.

7. Sit in a park by yourself for hours. No Internet, no phone. Learn to be with yourself.

8. Recognize your mistakes. This is where life’s most powerful lessons come from.

9. Never, under any circumstances, give up. The only way to lose at life is when you throw in the towel.

10. Write someone a letter or send them a postcard. It’s one of those things we’ll always “get around to” but never actually do. People are so used to text messages and status updates that a handwritten letter or postcard often feels more thoughtful.

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11. Show the person you like that you like them a lot.

12. Try to do something new every chance you get. Take a new route to work or school. Order something different from the menu. Join a club or group and get involved. You’ll be surprised at how fast your horizons expand.

13. Understand that only you can be you. Never compare yourself to anyone. Nobody else has your wit or intelligence or style or body or interests or talents or funny habits. You are unique, and your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and lovers appreciate you because you are who you are.

14. Don’t be afraid that you will never be loved again or that you will never find a better job or that you’re stuck with the life you have. You know exactly what you want, so go after it. Or keep looking until you get it.

15. There’s no sense in being negative about things. Always look for positive energy and surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

16. Know that you are never finished. You are always a work in progress, so always seek out opportunities to better yourself.

17. Get your nails done or a new hairstyle. Wear something sparkly so you can be your best you.

18. Understand that the only absolute in life is that one day you will die. The rest is up to you.

19. Finally, if all else fails, TAKE A BEYONCE DANCE CLASS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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