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Subway Crush is a website full of candid photos of hot dudes riding the NYC subway and it is going to ruin the rest of your work day, so scroll with caution and a towel to capture your drool. For those of you who prefer an English accent, or a Boston accent, well, there’s a place FULL of hot commuter candy, all for you!

We have all been there before: sitting in a crowded subway on the way to work or school, bored and playing some dumb game on our phones when, like magic, a hot guy gets on and you’re like whoaaaaa.m.g. He. Is. So. Hot. You perk up! You fix your posture! You do a seductive hair toss! Unwilling to let such a beautiful specimen pass you by undocumented, you take secret photos of him using one of the following methods:

1. You point your phone in his general direction while making it seem like you’re just sending a text!

2. You point your phone at him in a way that suggests you’re not even using it, not even interested in him at. all. while your thumb presses the capture button like 1,000 times! When you get off the train you scroll through and Instagram the best shot, hashtag omnomnom!

3. Ain’t no shame in your game — you point it directly at him and just dive in and take the pic! Plus, he knows you’re taking a photo of him anyway — they always know — so you might as well capture him at his best!

4. You point the phone down at him if you are standing and he is sitting. You secretly angle it up if you are sitting and he is standing! It’s all in the details.

5. You hope and pray that the flash, which you always keep off, doesn’t decide to suddenly go off, thus busting your cover!

Taking candid photos of hot guys on the subway is one of the best reasons to use public transportation in a big city. Actually it’s the only reason. Soooo if anyone has the contact info for this guy or this guy or this guy or this guy or this guy…if you could just say something nice about me and send them my way that would be awesome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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