7 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Winter is a sad, sad time. It starts getting dark at 2:30 which means if you sleep in on the weekend you have like one hour tops before it starts getting dark. Looming darkness, impossible cold and now a snowpocalypse that’s coming to destroy us all in a matter of hours, you need to find something fun to warm your spirits/make sure you don’t slide into a depression! To get through the winter malaise you need are several bottles of wine and some banging tunes to get that blood pumping. Here are 7 songs that’ll do the trick.

1. “r u n a w a y,” x SBTRKT


Yo this track is short but oh so smooth. It features Jessica Ware, Sampha and Tic, and you kind of get lost in the smoothness of it all.

2. “Mine,” x Beyoncé


This is one of the top tracks on the new Beyoncé record. When everyone else was queening out over “Superpower” and “Flawless,” which I love love love, I was going in on “Mine.” I love the sparse orchestration and powerful piano ballad that frames the song. The heavy beats and Drake bit give it that extra oomph it needs.

3. “Amor y Otros,” x CosminTRG


So you know how you hear a song somewhere and you are obsessed with it and it gets stuck in your head but then you can NEVER find it again? Yeah, that was me with this. I was listening to a DJ mix and this song came on and I thought it was so awesome and amazing. I Shazam’ed it but I couldn’t find the song. Well, last night I was literally just listening to some DJs and producers and found out that the song I’ve been so hungry to find is this one by CosminTRG. Mission accomplished.

4. “Phaedra,” x Baths


Fun, upbeat indie rock.

5. “Sing About Me,” x Kendrick Lamar


This song and video are both so awesome, giving you a taste of where Kendrick Lamar grew up and how he “got out of the ghetto” so to speak.

6. “Whorehouse,” x CEO


A fun, colorful dance track that should put you in awesome spirits.

7. Not O.K., x Kool A.D. (Ex-Das Racist)


This isn’t one song but several — a collection of songs by Kool A.D. that didn’t make the Das Racist alums’ forthcoming record Word O.K. An album of tracks that didn’t make the cut is a good idea. Listen to it for “V” alone just to hear him be like, “Catch head like activator” (ahahaha!) and “I’m not college educated, I educated college.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Kool A.D.

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