6 Dates For Introverts To Take Themselves On

There’s a myth out there that introverts don’t like people, or at the very least that we don’t know how to behave in social situations. But that’s just not true, because we are awesome. We value quiet, alone time and stimulating conversations, not small talk, and can be social when we need to be, just so long as we have periods of uninterrupted solace. I know the one thing I struggle with as an introvert is how to meet new people, but I guess the real question is how does anybody meet anybody, introvert or not. You have to feel comfortable in your own skin, comfortable doing stuff on your own.

That’s why the best thing you can do as an introvert is to take yourself out on regular dates, you know, to get to know yourself better. Here are 7 self-date ideas that will make you feel good about yourself. And who knows — you might just meet somebody along the way.

1. Spend An Afternoon In The Best Bookstore In Town


Find the best independent bookstore in town and spend an afternoon there perusing the books, new and used. Go to the critical theory section and look for new titles or old ones. Remember your passion for 19th century literature and peruse a couple novels. Talk to the shop owners about what recommendations they have for you. And, most of all, check out the community posting boards for lessons, classes, and other posts from other literary geek hotties.

2. Catch A Show At Your Local Art Gallery


Go to your local art gallery and peep the new exhibition. Chances are if you live in a big city, or even a medium-sized one, there is an awesome exhibition at an art gallery or museum in town. The thing about going to museums is that people always plan to go to check something out, but then life kicks in and they just keep putting it off until finally the exhibition is closed and it’s already too late.

3. Go To A Concert


People sometimes feel awkward about going out alone. That’s the most annoying thing, too. I go out by myself all the time because I don’t need the validation of a gaggle of gays and what not to have a good time. Going out by yourself means you can enjoy the experience without worrying about whether people, about being ditched by your friends because they found some hot piece and, most of all, you can leave whenever you feel like it. No guilt!

4. Take A Cooking Class. Or Something.


I walked past a cooking class once in New York and it looked like they were all having so much fun. What a fun thing to do for yourself. You’ll learn how to cook something new — or you’ll get better at making your favorite meal. And if you don’t take a cooking class, try for some other type of learning experience that puts you alone in a group. You’ll easily meet new friends, and you will already have something in common.

5. Visit A Vineyard And Do A Wine Tasting


I was in Portland a few months back and my friend took me to the Sokol Blosser Vineyard. It was amazing. We weren’t on a date, and technically I wasn’t by myself, but it was so much fun tasting and learning about all the wines and being surrounded by other people who came for an afternoon of wine-filled play. At the very least going on this kind of date with yourself will give you a story to tell. And if you are by yourself, try your hand at flirting with the dude pouring your wine. You never know.

6. Take Yourself On A Fabulous Trip

It’ll be like an extensive, week-long date with yourself! Some people are afraid to travel alone, but traveling alone is just like going to the bar or the club by yourself. And face it: you being in a whole different country or a brand new city means you can open yourself up to all sorts and kinds of delicious experiences you wouldn’t have at home. Start saving your coins. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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