18 Signs Miley Cyrus Will Run For President In 2032

1. Because she will hit the campaign trail like a wrecking ball, which will also be the theme song for her campaign.

2. After several successful fashion lines and stints as a director, producer, author, celebrity chef, television host, fragrance-haver, club promoter, DJ, aerobics instructor and celebrity psychic, Miley will have nowhere else to go but politics!

3. Because she will probably legalize weed, if it isn’t already legal nationwide by then.

4. Miley Cyrus — or should I say Hannah Montana — will easily win the state of Montana because duh.

5. Also? She has proven her ability to win over ethnic communities by appropriating their dances and cultural traditions (cc’ Twerking).

6. Because she looks amazing performing next do drag queens, and since RuPaul will be President between 2026 and 2032, the choice for her successor is obvious.

7. Because she will change the national anthem to “Party In The U.S.A.,” and it will be thus.

8. We know she will run because she loves attention. Don’t care what they say about u, just measure it in inches.

9. Also her campaign slogan will be #YOLO, which will make everyone feel so nostalgic about being in their 20s because by 2032, everyone in their 20s today will be radioactive mutants bogged down by student loan debt and 1 to 5 babies and grey hair and it’s not going to be pretty.

10. She will bless us all by performing live at her own inauguration.

11. We know she will run because she is more searched on the internet than God herself, so yeah. There’s basically nobody else left.

12. Joan Rivers will be Miley’s campaign manager, and she will appoint the hosts of Fashion Police to her executive cabinet.

13. She already has political know-how because her grandfather was a senator.

14. Also? Her godmother is Dolly Parton, and what’s more American than Dolly Parton? Together, they will greatly improve America’s reputation.

15. She will renovate the historically incorrect Mount Rushmore by adding hers as the fifth and most fabulous face.

16. We already know she can work a power bitch hair style.

17. She is probably already in the illuminati and they get everything they want, so.

18. Having someone named “Billy Ray” as a dad means she has the power to win over millions of GOP voters! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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