Things White Guys Say To Their Black Girlfriends


Ah, the yuletide season. The season for pumpkin spiced lattes, gift wrapping paper and trying to decide whether or not to tell your folks you’re bringing a black girl home for the holidays! Do you tell them in advance, like it’s some sort of big deal (helloooo we are like post-race now), or do you simply bring her home and — poof — black chick!

Interracial relationships are still taboo, even in near 2014, that some people don’t know how to act when they find themselves in one. In an interracial relationship you are finally at liberty to ask all those burning questions you’ve always wanted to pose to another race, like why do black women tie those funny scarves on their heads at night. When I had a low hairstyle I used to do this too, and it’s so you can keep every thing fresh and banging. I guarantee Olivia Pope ties her hair down at night, it’s just those scenes get cut from the episode.

Anyway, watch this awesome video that basically sums up all the things white guys say to their first black girlfriends. My personal favorite? “Look, I want to watch The Help or Django or 12 Years A Slave with you, but if you’re gonna make sex weird because of it, then I don’t want to.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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