25 People On What Instantly Makes Someone Less Attractive

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1. People who complain about everything basically always

When they always have something to complain about no matter what the situation.

2. Hello I’m right in front of you.

People who won’t put down their cellphones.

3. We are eating dinner can u not?

I’ve noticed this behavior a lot with my friends. Usually I’m cool with it since I do it a lot too but certain situations I just can’t get over. Like dinner. I made you some dinner, least you can do is look at me or heavens have a nice dinner conversation which doesn’t involve your face glued to your phone while you shovel my hard work down your throat! Aaaand that’s why I don’t post often.

4. Do you think you could be slightly less negative please?

Negativity is a huge turn-off for me. I was talking to this guy once who pretty much sneered at everything I said. “You’re still in college? Ew. Glad I’m not in college anymore.” “You work in food service? That must suck.”
Needless to say it didn’t go very far.


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5. Just because I work in service doesn’t mean you can talk to me any kind of way

The worse case of entitlement and rudeness I ever had was when I worked as a supervisor at a brand new resort. We were only a year old which meant we were still ironing out the kinks. There is a local mega church that has speakers come out and they put them up at the resort. The first experience I had with them was a guest speaker who was also a top-tier.

A girl about my age comes to the desk and asks to check in for a reservation with a different name. I tell her that I can not check in the room for her because her name is not on the room. She explains she is checking in the room for a speaker from her church and I am sympathetic but I still say I can not do anything without speaking to the speaker himself.

She leave and twenty minutes later I get a call from that speaker. This could have been a quick call but instead the speaker decided to scream and curse and verbally beat me into submission over the phone. He brings up how important he is as a speaker, how much money he spends with my hotel brand and how he has never been so insulted. He demands I let the woman check him in and slams the phone on me.

The girl comes back a little later with steely eyes and an absolutely horrible disposition. I check in the room and she takes the keys from me.

An hour or so later I see her again escorting who I assume to be the speaker into the hotel. He is followed by a literal entourage of people holding his bags and making sure no one talks to him. The girl sees me and points me out to the speaker and he makes a bee-line for me. I prepare for the worst.

He comes to my desk and says something to this day I am still shocked by: “Are you going to apologize or shall I make your manager do it for you?”

I was flabbergasted. I had no idea what to say. I had never been treated so poorly by a guest and this was the crushing blow. I looked at him and I said the only thing I could think of: “I am sorry that your expectations do not match what our resort has to offer.”

6. Learning is fundamental

Refusal to learn new things. I really don’t mind if they don’t always know what they are talking about, but outright refusal to learn irritates me. Ask questions if there’s something you don’t understand damnit!!

7. The wrong kind of chewing can get you in trouble

weird, loud chewing in general. my mom always said the most important thing to pay attention to for a successful marriage is tolerable chewing.

8. Lots of trouble

I swear i have this argument with my girlfriend at least once a day! it’s like no matter what she does, i can still hear her chewing and it drives me crazy!

9. Oh you’re boring AND you don’t know how to chew? K bai

There was a guy I knew who was probably one of the most handsome people I knew. So much so that you’d think he’d forever have women crawling at him all the time. But he didn’t because he had two major flaws: he was incredibly boring and he chewed with his mouth open so obnoxiously it made me cringe. One time I had my back to him while I was studying, he must have been eating jelly beans because I can’t think of another food that would cause his lips to smack so loudly.

10. I am so smart — like you prolly can’t handle how smart I am.

I went on a first date with a guy who told me in detail about the migraines he routinely gets as a result of his superior intelligence and large brain and something about calcium build ups. Really dude?

11. Seems like having kids with a bunch of different dudes is a turn off?

I knew a girl who was 21 with two sons. One was five, one was four. They had different dads. I wasn’t feeling it.

12. Ugh oh.

If they have dumb inspirational quotes on their social media constantly.


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13. Long nails? Ugh

Guys with long nails… Worse if they’re sharp… I just want to cut them all off…

14. Seems like striaght guys don’t like drag queen-style make-up???

If a girl draws on her eyebrows. (not fill in, but literally shave/pluck and redraw them back on)

15. Ah, shallowness

If we’re being honest here, a ton of fat.

16. People get all hung up on mouths apparently

In terms of looks: bad teeth to gum ratio. I’m sorry, I try not to be shallow but I find it really hard to look past that one. It’s like that movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” but it’s actually “Honey, I shrunk the pretty girl’s teeth and now her mouth looks kinda weird.”

17. Boom

A penis.

18. They’re called septum piercings and I think they’re hot so whatever

Those nose rings that make people look like bulls.

19. Well that’s that

Lack of facial symmetry.

20.Being too fake

A female with A LOT of add-ons. Fake nails, fake eye lashes, spanks, weave (or a wig), tons of make-up, ect. A few of these things is fine but your accessories should accentuate your features, not BE your features.


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pisaphotography / Shutterstock.com

21. Who reads anymore lol

“I hate reading.”

22. Why are you so empty right now?

If they’re unable to hold a serious conversation. I like having funny conversations too or I guess just not so serious ones, but its extremely unattractive for me at least when they have nothing to say about emotions and things like that. It makes me feel like they’re empty headed. And I realize some people might just be not comfortable with it, but I meant after you start kind of getting to know them..then again I hate small talk in general.

23.How r u

I’ve never found anything more attractive than intelligence, so stupidity would be a pretty big turn-off. Along similar lines, well… I don’t think I could ever date someone who didn’t use proper spelling and grammar in every written medium. Text-speak is terribly unattractive.

24. Best not to visit Susan Miller when they are around

Belief in astrology.

25. What are you even saying???

“…and I’m like….and she’s all…..then he’s like….and I’m all…then she’s like whatever….”

And there you have it. What are some things that immediately turn you off about a person? Leave it in the comments! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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