20 Reasons Beyoncé Won 2013

1. She Arrived At The Costume Institute Gala Fabulously Last


Everyone lost it!

2. She Uploaded This Beautiful And Cute Photo To Instagram On A Throwback Thursday


Hearts melted everywhere.

3. Because She Sang The National Anthem At BFF Barack Obama’s Re-Inauguration And Ripped Out Her Ear Piece During The Middle


It’s the pain of singing too beautifully.

4. When Word Spread That She Sang To A Backing Track, Prompting Rumors That She Can’t Sing, Bey Responded By Re-Singing It Live At A Press Conference


This is some serious shade. Trees, bitch! Trees!

5. She Performed At The Superbowl In Front Of An Audience Of 109 million people


Most of them gays and Beyoncé queens.

6. At The End Of Her Performance, The Power Went Out


It was kind of fierce.

7. Someone Smacked Her Ass At A Concert


And she promptly let him know that she was not the one, the two or the three!

8. While She Was Singing Beautifully To An Audience Of Thousands Her Weave Got Caught In A Wind Machine


She kept singing while fans and bodyguards came to the rescue. Somehow a person found a pair of scissors to set her free.

9. Not One To Let The Humor Of “Weave Gate” Get Past Her, She Wrote This Amazing Song About The Whole Thing


LOLOL for life at “Virgin Remy and Malaysian” !!!

10. Because A Fabulous Beyoncé Fan Uploaded This Flawless Video Of Him Dancing To “Crazy In Love,” The Best Beyoncé Song Of All Time



11. Because She Wore This Look


12. She Broke The Internet When She Cut Her Hair Off


Or took out her weave, take your pick. Either way, she still looked beautiful.

13. And Then Popped Back A Few Days Later With An Amazing Golden Bob, Which Was Even Better


It was only a matter of time. She needs to have something to swing on stage!

14. Because She Snatched Everyone’s Wig By Dropping A Surprise Album That N-O-B-O-D-Y Knew Was Coming


At least she let us watch Scandal before she scalped us. Girl knew what she was doing! Mid-season finale of Scandal and Beyoncé all in one night? Whaaaaaat? We got double snatched.

15. The Internet Freaked Out

14 songs! 17 music videos! Thankfully Michelle Williams was there to offer us some much needed emotional support.

16. Suddenly Every Other Pop Star Became Irrelevant


Lady Gaga who? Miley Cyrus? What’s that?

17. She Has Been Nominated For 46 Grammy Awards


18. And Made Time Magazine Regret Not Naming Her ‘Person Of The Year’ After Her Surprise Album Dropped


That’s how you KNOW you’ve pulled a gangster move — when you get people to reevaluate their life choices.

19. This Look In Its Entirety

This Look
Music video for “Blow”

Halloween costumes have already been decided.

20. And Finally, Amid All The Chaos Of The Surprise Album, We Are Forgetting That This Is Merely PART ONE


What on earth does she have in store for Part 2? Only 2014 will tell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Author of How To Be A Pop Star.

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