You Have Got To See This Invisible Bicycle Helmet!

Look closely. They are wearing it right now!!!

The one reason I refuse to ride a bicycle in the city is because I don’t want to wear a helmet. Why yes, I do care about my brain and my skull and my safety and all of that, but I also care about my hair, okay? I would rather walk around, confident that my hair is relatively as I styled it this morning than be in a tizzy because it got smashed down by some dumb helmet. Surely I’m not alone in thinking this! Welp, a team of Swedish entrepreneurs has developed an invisible helmet that will allow you to be safe as you ride your bikes while also enjoying the priceless benefit of fabulous hair. Yes that’s right — an invisible bicycle helmet! You have to watch the video to see the thing in action. In any case, an invisible bicycle helmet is a brilliant idea, and even though this thing is weird and expensive and maybe a little dangerous right now, it still indicates where this technology can go in the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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