Is This James Franco’s Grindr Pic?

 image - JamesFrancoTV
image – JamesFrancoTV

I bet if some guy wrote you on Grindr and he looked a helluva lot like James Franco you wouldn’t be like, “OMG you’re James Franco!” Right? Well, someone with the Instagram username jamesfrancotv has uploaded a shirtless “photo” of “James Franco” taking a pretty Grindr-like selfie in a bathroom mirror. Why? Because “All the kids are doing it,” so the caption reads. Sooo many questions. At first I thought the Instagram feed was fake — like a fan who maybe uploaded a bunch of images of James because they are psychotic for the fun of it. But then I started watching the videos and seeing him talk and I have determined that a) this is either a really, really convincing James Franco lookalike or b) it is actually He. What do you think? Whoever he is, he looks amazing, though pale. Girlfriend needs to hit the beach! I’d still hit it, tho, not gonna lie. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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