7 Hilarious Dance Music Drops You Have To Hear To Believe

If you’ve listened to any dance music lately you know it’s all about the drop. The connection between dance music and sex is crystal clear, and nearly everyone equates the tension and release of dance music with orgasming! You dance your ass off through peaks and valleys (the foreplay) and as soon as the drop (cum shot) hits the room goes friggin apeshit. Bros rip their shirts off and girls jump up and down like they’ve lost their minds. But are these people really into the music, or do they just care about the drop? A former DJ has taken it upon himself to mock this ridiculous “drop culture” by creating mashups of literally the worst drops of all time. Go ahead — try to fist pump/orgasm your way through these!

1. A Drop So Awesome That Your Friends Will Forget You Were Why They Came In 2nd at Trivia Night

LOLOLOLOLOL puppies just died right now. Wasn’t even expecting anything like that.

2. A Drop So Epic A Bunch Of NYU Bros Already Bought A 3-Day Weekend Pass For It

AHAHAHAH!!! This is funny and sad all at once.

3. A Drop So Insane You’ll Suddenly Only Like Movies With Tim Allen In Them

Wait, is this real?

4. A Drop So Intense You’ll Think Those Heart Palpitations You Got At Buffalo Wild Wings Were Nothing

I can’t even process these sounds right now.

5. A Drop So Mind-Blowing Your Ability To Speak Wil Sddnly Dtrrate Wtht Wrn


6. A Drop So Crazy You’ll Kill Your Family

Welp, party’s over. Does anybody even like that song anymore??

7. A Drop So Bad-Ass You’ll Have To Change Your Name And Move To A Small Suburb Just Outside Boise

The literal worst. Dance music will never be the same again. In all fairness, though, most music is based on some kind of “drop” anyway — a chorus, the part where the instruments come in/where the melody starts. Otherwise, music would be monotone, stale and boring as shit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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