46 People Answer The Pivotal Question, “What Is White People Food?”



1. cable_guys_wife

Im hispanic, husband is white and loves to cook. Im on the phone with my dad and told him that my husband was making a tortilla casserole. He asked me why do white people always make food into a casserole.So casseroles are apparently a white people food.

2. [deleted]

It’s true. Whenever there’s a group of white people together, chances are that someone brought a casserole.

3. vaderzer0

I am white and have always hated any kind of casserole. And in hating it, I have noticed that it is something that all families have. It’s just a bunch of random shit thrown together to make a dish. It’s like a hot salad.

“Oh honey, what sounds good tonight”

“I don’t know.” “Pasta?” “No..” “Hamburgers?” “No..” “Potatoes…?” “No..” “I’ve got it!!! How about all of that shit at once with some peppers and mushrooms and cheese too!!!”

“Fuck yeah hun!”

Fuckin casserole…

4. WealthyMercantilist

These are both SUPER white. My girlfriend is obsessed with meatloaf and casseroles, she thinks of them as quintessential comfort foods. I have never eaten meatloaf, and casseroles make me think of funerals. Background: We are both white but she is from suburban Indiana and I am from rural Virginia.




A girl I knew from high school had to write an essay disproving a racial stereotype. She chose the statement “all white people love cheese”. She titled her essay ‘Cheese and Crackers’

6. TU_Pride

Someone over xbox live yelled at my roommate to “eat more cheese, that’s what white people do.” Like, over and over again yelled either “Shut the fuck up,” or, “eat more cheese.”

7. HannahChomp

Cheese certainly isn’t Asian people food.

8. derkrieger

Generally white people’s stomachs are naturally more inclined to accept large amounts of cheese. As a white person give me ALL OF YOUR CHEESES!

9. Bflindi

So I grew up in Wisconsin and when I moved out of state to go to college I went to a grocery store and I asked them where the cheese aisle was. I got a funny look and they pointed me towards a tiny section with kraft singles. It didn’t occur to me that this store would not have an entire aisle devoted to cheese. It was then that I realized that the rest of America isn’t like Wisconsin.

10. Craysh

I know that feel. When I visit home I get around $200 worth of cheese.

Mashed Potatoes!


11. manyproblems

Mashed potatoes. Whenever I went to my white friend’s house, her mom always made at least 3 different kinds.


This is hilarious because my boyfriend is the whitest of the white-I’m talkin straight up crisp white computer paper, and is OBSESSED with mashed potatoes. He makes a pot of it and just walks around the house eating it out of the pot with a giant spoon. Once I walked in on him pissing and he had the pot on the back of the toilet, was holding his dick in one hand and shoveling potatoes into his mouth with his other hand.

13. Kindlykatie

How fucking interesting! My boyfriend is WHITE. Computer engineer, plays MMO’s, drives a Saturn… you get the picture. Mashed potatoes is his favorite food. Even if they’re in the fridge, cold as hell, he won’t take the 30 seconds to warm them up, oh no. Eats ’em right out of the rubbermaid. I never saw such love for potatoes, I seriously think you people are onto something!

14. devyncl

I’m white as a cracker, and a computer guy as well… can’t say I’m so fond of mashed potatoes, but scalloped potatoes baked with cheese? Count me the fuck in.

15. LoveGoblin

scalloped potatoes baked with cheese, Which, let’s face it, is basically a casserole.

16. spartankelli

I love mashed potatoes, but at least I have the decency to warm them up… That is some nasty shit right there.

17. strangepet

Have dated 2 different guys who fit that description. Also obsessed with mashed potatoes.

18. contemporary_disease

As an Irishman, I put to you that all you need for a stable white-man diet is a wheen of potatoes.



19. dontbiteitholmes

Panera. Holy shit is Panera the whitest place on earth.

20. thetrapezoid

A panera next to a starbucks.

21. wvndvrlvst

I’m white and I even feel out of place when I’m in Panera. I’m like a minority there… the only white person in a sea of really fucking white people.

22. strangeshuckles

All on their smartphones with their breadbowls and trendy smoothies

23. JesseTV44

Wanna find all the white women in your town? They’re at Panera. Guaranteed.

24. jon214thab

Went in one the other day, and could feel the pigment leaving my skin lol.

25. sleeping_naked

I can confirm this, I had panera a few hours ago and it was DELICIOUS!

26. mfupi

I’m pretty darn white and have never heard of this Panera you speak of.

27. tim_tebow_fan

Dude, they make the greatest toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I’ve ever had. And I’m white and that’s probably a really white thing to say.



28. Colton3690


29. alpha_kenny-buddy

It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end.

30. baby_powder

Potato salad. Tuna fish sandwich. FRESCA

31. tree_village

Used to work at Jason’s Deli and learned that white people fucking LOVE guacamole.

32. MisterRandyMarsh

I laughed at your comment and almost choked on my guacamole.

33. Tomato_On_Uranus

As a white person, I can confirm that it is significantly more addictive than cocaine.

34. sad_sad_day

I always sprinkle cocaine on my guac when I want a little extra zest.

35. Glankler

Fact: All white people in America eat sandwiches.

36. Helgaofthenorth

My boyfriend and I eat sandwiches all. The. Time. I don’t mind eating sandwiches for every meal, becaues it’s not like a tuna sandwich from Submarina is the same as a tuna sandwich from Jersey Mike’s. They’re two totally different, delicious sandwiches. That being said, don’t eat tuna three times a day because you might have problems with the mercury levels. Also, we’re white.

37. Gypsywhisperer

Whenever I’m abroad, I am completely disturbed about the lack of sandwiches. A white girl’s gotta eat!

36. htmlrulezdood



38. upvoter222

Wraps. They’re like burritos for white people.

39. DanielGK

Super bonus if the tortilla is green, or any other funky color.

40. gmango28

Salmon. With like a bunch of fancy shit sprinkled on it.

41. agonydivine

cottage cheese… we just had this discussion at work, cottage cheese was the unanimous decision amongst my african american co workers.

42. barflar1078

White guy here; Cottage cheese with a can of peaches… gourmet.

43. Hash43


44. Unknownuser105

Perogies, white people dumplings as my Asian friend calls them.

45. Saladbarbarian

As a white person who sees people order these at like $8 a pop, eat the $3 worth of soup inside and leave the loaf of bread behind, I’d like to know if other races would adopt me. Please.

46. zoidbergWOOPWOOP

You idiots all just gave Dave Chappelle the final information he needed to finish writing his book on us.

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