44 People On The One Question They’ve Always Wanted To Ask Another Race

1. tarogers24

Asians: Is your vision obscured by your eyelids? Generally your eyes are closed more than white people’s are, so I was just kind of curious.


2. trxtn

As a white person when I read books, all the characters in my head are white. Do people of other races imagine all the characters as their race?

3. malnourished_dog

Remember when there was this huge controversy over Rue being black in the Hunger Games? She was DESCRIBED as black in the books yet people still couldn’t believe it because of how pervasive the idea of white being the default is.

4. notevensweaty

Latino here. Do Americans get offended when they hear the word “gringo” used? It is in no way a racist term but I heard from somone that some Americans take it that way.

5. dawgsfan1

Why do white people have so many pets?

6. natnikki

I’ve always wanted to ask an Asian person how they go about picking their “American” name. Do your parents pick it for you or do you get to choose it?.

7. DoctorBritta

My dad bought a English-Chinese dictionary when he first got here. When my younger brother was born, he looked at the back of the dictionary that listed common English names. He then picked the first one listed because he wanted my brother to be number one. For my name, he flipped to a random page and pointed at one. He didn’t really give a fuck because I was going to be “married off” anyways.

8. zipzap21

Black people: Do you ever hear the n-word used by a fellow black person and feel offended/awkward but you don’t say anything?

9. kedeljer

I’m breaking the rule, I’m Italian, why are Italians so loud?

10. tdt0005

Black People: Do you think that white people smell bad?

11. justkindabrowsing

Why is it that I always see Indians running gas stations? It’s at least 60% of all gas stations I go to. Not trying to be racist, it’s just a pattern I’ve noticed.

12. ILL_show_myself_out

Also, motels. I believe “Patels” own 40 or so percent of the hotel market.
Well, my family is of the “Patel” caste/group from India. Everyone in my extended family either owns one or more motel, gas station, or small business of that ilk. My mom says the Patels have always been the merchants in India and they carry the tradition here.
Also, owning small businesses is VERY lucrative, and Indians are industrious people.

13. B1g-Boss45

So we all know how certain colors absorb certain amounts of heat and such. White reflecting, and black absorbing all. That being said, do black people heat up more/quicker that white people when it’s really sunny outside?

14. chrisbechicken

Why do some black men like fat white women? I am black and I don’t understand it, no one in my family does.

15. chowder138

Why are there so many black people on Vine, and why are they the funniest people there?

16. zipzap21

Hispanics: Do you look at people who go to tanning booths and laugh your ass off?

17. FeezyFoSheezy

Why is it that Eskimos stick to their brutal living environments, when they could leave and live in a much more mild climate?

18. charlie_the_winner

Can black people get sunburn? How could you tell?

19. DonFirinne

I’ve asked it once before, but to black people actually find the, for lack of a better term, “black-people movies”, funny? Like Tyler Perry et al? I see the commercials and find them abhorrently un-funny and uninteresting, but is there something about them that appeals to you?

20. mysterguitarm

Out of curiosity, what would you consider some “white people movies”?

21. chrishernandez

Preface to question; My girlfriend is black as many of my exes, my son is half black, majority of my friends throughout life have been black.
Ok now my question which I did ask two black friends after drinking and chiefing all night. ” what is it like, how does it feel to known your ancestors were slaves? Are you proud or ashamed?” The response I got was more like wtf kinda question is that. I really want to know.

22. critical_miss

Black friends – if we’re hanging out singing/rapping along to music and the n-word comes up, and I accidentally sing it, would you please let it go, Donovan? For fuck’s sake I said I was sorry! We were both really drunk! Are we cool? Donovan? Shit.

23. hoonaignachowaneha

It’s white people’s nature to make everything about us, even when it has nothing to do with us.

24. [deleted]

Black people. Do you feel like racism has inhibited your personal growth in a significant way? What would you compare it to?

25. mongoosedog12

This question is odd to answer. I guess I am a “privileged” black person. I’ve gone to private school my whole life, and am currently going to a private college studying engineering. Many people think I was adopted by a white family, I wasn’t lol. As far as a racism goes, I haven’t gotten particularly targeted by none black people. Only my extended family members. It mainly arose, during college applications. I’m from the south, and go chose to go to college up north. My extended family thinks I left because “I want to get away from my roots, be more white, less black, ect” They criticized me for not going to a historically black college, and then told me I was stuck up for pursuing engineering as a degree. When I got into a top engineering school, I was told by others it was affirmative action, they had a quota to fill and THATS the only reason I’m there. Because of this, I work 3 times as hard, I always second guess why I got this position or this honor or whatever, because now I’m thinking “they gave it to me because I’m black and they want to look good ect ect” Its prohibited me from actually being proud of my achievements and always thinking I’m not good enough nor will I ever be, I’m just getting things because i’m the most qualified minority and not the most qualified person. I’m not sure what to compare it too its like getting a candy bar but scared to eat it because it may be shit.. close I guess haah

26. misterhastedt

Why is there the stereotype that Black people can’t swim? I never understood it.

27. dkpeeps

White people, why do you love Asian women so much?

28. XaosZaleski

Why don’t the females of certain races (Arab, etc) not revolt about how they’re treated on a daily basis?

29. tubernonster

Black people: Why do you give your kids outlandish, completely made up names? Or ridiculous pronunciations of existing names “It’s not Mikayla, it is Mick eye ay luh.” I work with kids, and the names just feel silly to my Euroears.

30. heylistenlook

Why are black people so loud?

31. m1k3hunt

Is the mispronunciation of the word “ask” intentional?

32. epidemilk

Asian women: Do you ever get tired of geeky white men drooling over you?

33. sweetmatte

Whites: why do you dance that way?

34. AsianSensationz

To Everyone: Why do you think that it is okay to ask and/or guess what kind of Asian I am?

35. arayofhope

Why do a lot of white people that I’ve met insist that they’re Irish or German or whatever even though at least 6-8 generations of them have been born in America?

36. nignogatron

I’m a server and seriously, why don’t black people tip?

37. Latrinemachine

White People: Why do you feel the need to let others know that you have friends of other races? Is it like a gotta collect them all thing?

38. tomelo

Two questions for white people: 1) Does grounding your kids actually work? I never understood how that was actually a valid form of punishment. It seems like it would be kind of fun to sit in your room all day… 2) I feel like you guys invented hipsters, do you agree? Why are there so many white hipsters?

39. work13494

Are the intelligent black people angry at the obnoxious ghetto black people for creating a stereotype that follows them around their whole life. My black friend Jamal is probably the most racist person you’ll ever meet. Mostly because as soon as he gets a table the waiter assumes he won’t tip, taxi’s assume he won’t pay, people assume he’ll attack them. He works very hard for what he has but is still subject to the prejudice created by the people who tarnished an entire race.

40. BrianJ25

To black people: Why do you always pick Luigi?!

41. thetenthdentist

White girls, why doesn’t yellow fever go the other way?

42. Emeraldprincess

Black folks: why do you spend so much time and money on hair care, weaves, wigs and styling? Why not embrace your natural hair and cut or style it to compliment your hair texture?

43. BusinessSockss

How hot is it under the burqa? I see women around my college campus wearing black burqas on 90°F/32°C days, and can’t help but think they’re all kinds of sweaty wearing it. I would be.

44. hayroon

Black- Can I touch your hair?

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