17 Types Of People You Always Find At Your Local Coffee Shop

1. In coffee shops all over America right now there’s that really awesome, hip, chillaxed person who has chosen an “intriguing” hairstyle.

2. There’s always some guy working on a photo project/editing a film/laying down some tracks for his band.

3. The hot person you have a crush on and eye-ball stalk but who you wouldn’t DARE actually speak to.

4. People holding bible study. Or is this just a southern thing? People do this ALL THE TIME in Richmond.

5. That person who loves to talk politics and what an awful direction the country is headed in.

6. That person who holds up the line to make convo with the barista like they are total BFFs even though this is the only place they see each other.

7. The white guy with dreadlocks.

8. That guy who is hot but also sort of smelly/dirty and you’re not sure what is going on with him???

9. Old people who are playing games with other old people. It’s cute.

10. Unemployed white people living off their parent’s credit cards.

11. The person who takes up like two whole tables for no reason in particular and gets an attitude when you want to sit down.

12. The person who just stares off into space the whole time.

13. A person playing some kind of musical instrument and/or singing. Kumbaya, everyone!

14. A stressed out graduate student trying to cram in all this reading s/he has to do for her oral exam. Recognized by an impossible pile of books on the table, surrounded by 27 cups of coffee.

15. Someone who is backpacking across America.

16. The barista who works at the coffee shop during the day, just until they get their “big break.”

17. PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THE INTERNET. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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