The 15 Gayest Songs Of All Time

Gay music is so much more exciting than all the regular stuff that’s out there. I mean come on, gay people invented disco and house music for crying out loud. Admittedly I’m a little nervous about calling this stuff “gay music,” but I will say this: you love it because it’s sassy, fabulous, and packed with all kinds of sexual innuendos. And who doesn’t love a nice, big, juicy sexual innuendo! So for your homoerotic listening pleasure, here are 15 of the gayest songs out there.

1. “Miss Honey,” Moi Renee

Whether you call yourself “gay” or “straight,” if you can watch this video without screaming “YAAASSS!” at least once, you must be an emotionally empty soul. Get into this peak-a-boo cut out catsuit realness.

2. “Street Jizz,” SSION

Gee whiz, street jizz. It feels more dirty than it really is. We gonna shoot white light all through the dark!

3. “Jet Boy, Jet Girl,” Elvis Montello

I heard this song at a post-punk night in Richmond. Contrary to what the song says, I did not give/get any head that night, so.

4. “Gone With The Wind Fabulous,” Kenya Moore

You have to give Miss Kenya some props because she TRIED it, she sure did.

5. “WERK,” Cherie Lily

When in doubt, WERK.

6. “Diddle My Skittle,” Peaches


7. “Ice Cream Truck,” Cazwell

Lick those ice cream sticks, gay bois!!!

8. “Bitch Hold My Pony Tail,” B. Scott

I was a huge B. Scott fan before he blew up and I remember when he released this song. It’s not earth shattering BUT it’s hilarious and will make you feel FIERCE.

9. “Rebel Girl,” Bikini Kill

Rebel Grrrrrrrrl.

10. “I Feel Love,” Donna Summer

This vintage video of Donna Summer is the TRUTH. I am living for her purple sequined dress.

11. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” Judy Garland

Now what kind of list about the gayest songs would be complete without “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”? Why do you think The Gays have adopted the rainbow as our coat of arms?

12. “YMCA,” The Village People

These multi-cultural queens are SERVING.

13. “Constant Craving,” k.d. lang

What is this “constant craving” she keeps on talking about? Could someone clarify pls?

14. “Work Bitch,” Britney Spears

Gay music is so awesome that mainstream artists (here’s looking at you Madonna, Gaga, etc.) love to swoop in and capitalize on our shit. That’s alright, though. This song is overproduced, shallow and a minute and a half too long. But we love it anyway!

15. “Supermodel (You Betta Work!),” RuPaul

The road to gay always leads back to RuPaul, Miss Honey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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