Be Not Afraid! Sleigh Bells Are Back With An Awesome Music Video


There’s nothing like some loud, jittery noise rock to get your highly caffeinated Friday morning off to a good start. Brooklyn-based noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells, masters of sonic violence, just announced a new tour and their third record Bitter Rivals, out October 8th on Mom + Pop. Who knows what’s in store for the ten-song LP, with “Bitter Rivals” as the title track. But one thing’s for sure: I sure hope Sleigh Bells sticks to their old tricks — aggressive, seizure-inducing experiments in noise pop. Most bands try to reinvent themselves with every new record, but when you have an artistic vision as precise as Sleigh Bells does — a bad ass rocker chick and an awesome bro beating the mess out of a tiger print guitar — you kind of want them to keep developing (which isn’t the same thing as repeating) that musical idea with each new album.

The music video for the song, produced in collaboration with The Creators Project, is pretty awesome. Colorful wigs! Shadow boxing! A fabulous Louisiana State University jersey! But after seeing “Bitter Rivals,” Bloodbrothersam, a YouTuber, had this to say:

hope this is the poppiest track on the album, I wanted them to get heavier!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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