Watch This Crazy-Ass DJ OWN His Turntable


Meet DJ Shiftee, probably the most awesome turntabilist you will see today. This guy is literally nuts. Not only is this DJ prodigy super cute and buttressed with a degree in math from Harvard (get it gurl) but his mixing and turntable skills are kind of out of this world. Like it’s too much — how/what is he even DOING?

That’s why I love DJs because they are the perfect postmodern artist. They take and steal things that aren’t meant to be used that way and make beautiful, awesome music. Plus, all DJs are sexy by virtue of being behind a turntable and they have the power to make your night out an epic experience that your shitfaced self will remember forever. DJs are po-mo musicians who turn a couple record players and a mixer into musical instruments, which they are not supposed to be. Watch and be completely amazed. The end is spectacular. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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