Watch People Lose Their SH*T When Alexander Wang Surprises Them With Free Clothes


Is there anything better than free clothes? Come on, not when it is Alexander Wang we’re talking about. A few weeks ago A-Wang surprised a bunch of fashion-fabulous New Yorkers with a secret fashion event. And you know the queens love a secret fashion event! Nobody knew what was going to happen, just a time and a place. Once inside some warehouse, after waiting on line and probably Tweeting that they were at the secret Alexander Wang event omg, everybody’s favorite edgy fashion designer popped up on screen. He’s like, “Hey, bitches! You want some free clothes?” No but seriously, he tells them that when the doors open they are going to get to take as much free T by Alexander Wang as they can physically handle. Oh Lord. No shopping bags, no carts. You can see people drooling, and it’s a brilliant media stunt but man greed is NOT a cute look. The real fun starts happening at 2:04 when people start snatching stuff from other people and, in one instance, almost ripping out a full weave. Fashion, fashion fashion! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Georg Petschnigg

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