5 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Finding new music could really be a full-time job, especially if you’re looking for all that cool stuff that doesn’t always make it to mainstream radio. We already know the Song of Summer is “Blurred Lines,” a great song production-wise, but it gets played so much that I just can’t listen to it A.N.Y.M.O.R.E. So could you please stop blasting it, neighbors. If you too are suffering from “Blurred Lines” fatigue, here are 5 songs to take you into a whole new musical universe.

“You Know You Like It,” by AlunaGeorge


AlunaGeorge is EVERYTHING right now. Aluna Francis and George Reid (now do u get it?) are the London-based electronic duo with sick hooks and strong, super addictive vocals. They rose to fame with a track they did with Disclosure called “White Noise,” currently on that band’s debut LP, but now they are set to take the globe by storm with their hotly anticipated LP Body Talk. “You Know You Like It” is cool, edgy, funky and just so FABULOUS!

“I Only Come By Night,” by Shed


There was a time when I bought CDs based on their cover art. Or if I didn’t buy the CD because of its cover art, I had a pretty good idea what it sounded like based on the front. “I Only Come By Night,” from Berlin-based DJ Shed’s 2012 record The Killer just has a giant ass speaker on the front, so that should tell you what it sounds like. HUGE. BIG. If you like minimal techno/a heavy-handed kick drum that slams you against the wall and shreds you apart, you’re in luck! This song is so epic. But it’s a song you can’t listen to on computer speakers. If you play this thing on your computer, where the bass is weak if it is even audible, and then play it again on your headphones, where the bass envelops you, you’re basically hearing two different songs.

“Beneath The Tree,” by Sampha


Why is it that everything coming out of London is so freaking cool? Ugh. After working with big names like SBTRKT, Jessie Ware and Drake, London-based R&B producer Sampha recently dropped his own cooly intelligent, atmospheric debut EP Dual for Young Turks. This guy is definitely one to watch.

“The Stampede,” by Marcel Fengler


This is another minimal techno gem by Marcel Fengler, from his new LP Fokus. It’s the one danceable song on the record, and I don’t think there’s a better title for it. “Stampede” perfectly captures what this song sounds like. Of course, techno is as much about how a song sounds as how it actually feels. “The Stampede” is an awesome underground dance track to get you PUMPED for whatever stuff you need to be pumped for.

“Let Me Show You,” by Cut Copy


“Let Me Show You” is a new song by Cut Copy from their forthcoming follow up to 2011’s Zonoscope. This extremely chilled out but catchy dance jam was first heard all the way back in July at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, where a bunch of LPs were handed out for free. Of course somebody uploaded the video to YouTube, which of course led the band to release the crisp, official version. Perfect for an afternoon drive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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