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No one knows anything about Jai Paul, the British electronic R&B producer, except that he’s FABULOUS. Dude only has t-w-o- songs — the disturbingly awesome “BTSTU” that is so hot Drake rapped over it, and the super funky “Jasmine.” But people are already freaking out about him. And with good reason!

Last night I was downing a bottle of wine all by myself in the wee hours of the night and searching for new music. Some how I came across Jai Paul because I was searching for stuff about this producer I like named Burial and Google was all, “Hey, madison. Did u know that people who search for “Burial” also search for these 10 other people?” I did not know that actually!

Jai Paul was nearly the last suggestion and I am SO glad I clicked him. “BTSTU” is a demo from 2007 that Paul made for XL, and it was rereleased by XL in 2011. Zane Lowe, from BBC Radio 1, called it the “Hottest Record in the World,” and when you listen to it it’a hard not to see why.

“BTSTU” opens with operatic/choral coos while Paul sings “Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with me” on top. So far so good! The beat slowly ramps up and then in comes the weirdest distortion you’ve ever heard — almost like something is wrong with your speakers. But it’s so weird it’s good. I love songs that don’t go where you think they’re going to go, songs that start one way and then hit you out of nowhere with something so hot you can barely take it. Oooww!


A debut release from Jai Paul will surely make waves in the indie electronic sphere, but nobody knows what it’s called, when it’s coming out, or what it will sound like. In April 2013, someone created a fake Bandcamp page with “new music” by Jai Paul, but it’s unclear if Paul or his record label, XL Recordings, the same label as Vampire Weekend, Sigur Ros, Adele and The xx, was behind the “leak.” You know how Internet marketing and promotion goes these days.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that he who has only dropped TWO SONGS IN FOUR YEARS will bless his ribald fans with new tunes in the very near future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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