21 Sexy Things Hot Guys Do Accidentally

1. When they flash you that side smile.

2. When they say something totally banal but super sexy. That or when they say something really smart and you’re just like damn.

3. Having messy hair. Of course, when is “messy hair” ever really messy? There are aisles and aisles full of “bed hair” products. Still, though! Sloppy is sexy!

4. When they are just, like, asleep.

5. The second you exchange filthy glances at them, especially if it was an accident.

6. Play an instrument. Any freaking instrument, though I find that guys who play piano, drums, and guitar are always SO HOT. Something to do with fingers POSSIBLY???

7. Seeing him dance for the first time, fully intoxicated or not.

8. Slouching in his chair. By all means, this is a matter of comfort above sexiness, as one typically slouches to find a more relaxed position for their body. SO THAT YOU CAN MORE EASILY FIND YOUR WAY ON THEM OBVIOUSLY.

9. When they lean in to kiss you for the first time.

10. When they touch themselves. Settle down, settle down. I mean when they have an itch someplace or the stretch their bodies out. That’s the business.

11. Confidence.

12. When they have a foreign accent. They speak your language, but they are not native speakers so they have a little accent or they say cute funny things that are weird but put a smile on your face and you never correct them.


13. OR when they speak a foreign language altogether. They just pull it out, press go and you’re just left to, like, salivate on the floor and stuff.

14. When he moves his body in any way that allows you to catch a glimpse of the elastic band on his boxers.

15. When he gets sweaty from doing, like, hot guy stuff.

16. When he smells good — or at least you want to like the way he smells because he is hot and hot people always smell like awesome stuff.

17. When you cutely jab him in his arm with your elbow and he looks at the spot where you bumped him, then looks back at you like, “I know what you’re doing :p” Awesome, is it working?

18. He will walk around in sweatpants that delicately enunciate his market value.


20. When they lean up against a wall to smoke a cigarette even though you think smoking is so gross.

21. They hand-palm their own hair, so as to move it out of their eyes/face so everyone can enjoy their pretty faces that much better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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