The 35 Greatest Quotes About Hipsters

It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters. And make fun of our exes, ah ah, ah ah. Taylor Swift
I sued American Apparel because they calculatingly took my name, my likeness and image and used them publicly to promote their business. Woody Allen
This is THE rugged, hip, new building you move to Bushwick for! I used to walk by this place and think it was an abandoned elementary school… Sure enough, it’s getting the hipster touch and being fully renovated into an amazing space! This is the best location in Bushwick! Some Craigslist Real Estate Posting
Future hipsters will love me ironically. Mindy Kaling
Should I get excited when a maltstream artist is nominated for a mainstream award? Hipster Runoff
The Beat Generation, that was a vision that we had, John Clellon Holmes and I, and Allen Ginsberg in an even wilder way, in the late forties, of a generation of crazy, illuminated hipsters suddenly rising and roaming America, serious, bumming and hitchhiking everywhere, ragged, beatific, beautiful in an ugly graceful new way. Jack Kerouac
I want a guy who is masculine, good with his hands and able to build stuff and who has survival skills. Facial hair is a big turn-on. Most of the kids I hang out with in New York are hipster arty types, but I like a stronger, more physically imposing man – like a lumberjack. Chloe Sevigny
Part of growing up is not waiting in line at a hipster breakfast restaurant. The eggs taste the same across the street. I promise. Jason Segel
Marcel Duchamp entered a urinal signed “R. Mutt” into an exhibition in 1917. It got rejected, but for six bucks (the price it cost Duchamp to submit the piece) he went into the history books as the founder of conceptual art, and Andy Warhol was provided a career. Duchamp was the quintessential Hipster. The Hipster Handbook
He was one of the numerous and varied legion of dullards, of half-animated abortions, conceited, half-educated coxcombs, who attach themselves to the idea most in fashion only to vulgarize it and who caricature every cause they serve, however sincerely. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Nobody hates hipsters more than hipsters. Tim Heidecker
You used to be able to tell the difference between hipsters and homeless people. Now, it’s between hipsters and retards. I mean, either that guy in the corner in orange safety pants holding a protest sign and wearing a top hat is mentally disabled or he is the coolest fucking guy you will ever know. Chuck Klosterman
Kids on the Youtube, learning how to be cool.
Toby Keith
Making this record wasn’t easy. In the past, we were a team. But Maya wanted to show us how much she didn’t need us. In the end, Maya is postmodern: she can’t really make music or art that well, but she’s better than anyone at putting crazy ideas into motion. She knows how to manipulate, how to withhold, how to get what she wants. Diplo on M.I.A.
Oberlin College. This small college in Ohio has a student body that is 94.6 percent hipster (provided you exclude the conservatory). The Hipster Handbook
Rather be dead than cool. Kurt Cobain
Leigh “Princess Coldstare” Lezark tries to not talk to pop singer Estelle in the front row of the DKNY fashion show by avoiding eye contact. Come on, Leigh. “American Boy” is a jam! Brian Moylan
The Saint Laurent Boy Is A Girl A New Saint Laurent Menswear Ad Campaign.
We have the MisShapes book. We’ve been waiting for this book for quite some time, as with its arrival we hoped to sound the death knell of the fashion-forward hipster. After all, if a coffee-table book has been released about you, you’re even more over than if “Sunday Styles” writes about you. But when we picked it up, we have to say, we just couldn’t get mad at it. New York Magazine
I’m beat to the square, and square to the beat, and that’s my vocation. Brother Antonius
In such places as Greenwich Village, a menage-a-trois was completed- the bohemian and the juvenile delinquent came face-to-face with the Negro, and the hipster was a fact in American life. Norman Mailer
The hipster must die. Time Out New York
Christian hipsters love breaking the taboos that used to be taboo for Christians. They love piercings, dressing a little goth, getting lots of tattoos (the Christian Tattoo Association now lists more than 100 member shops), carrying flasks and smoking cloves. A lot of them love skateboarding and surfing, and many of them play in bands. They tend to get jobs working for churches, parachurch organizations, non-profits, or the government. They are, on the whole, a little more sincere and idealistic than their secular hipster counterparts. Brett McCracken
Brown University. Brown’s modern culture and media department attracts Hipsters of all backgrounds, but each one graduates knowing how to use the word “exegesis” in a sentence. The Hipster Handbook
Has the hipster killed cool in New York? Did it die the day Wes Anderson proved too precious for his own good, or was it when Chlo Sevigny fellated Vincent Gallo onscreen? Did it vanish along with Kokie’s, International Bar and Tonic? Or when McSweeney’s moved shop to San Francisco and Bright Eyes signed a lease on the Lower East Side? Was it possible to be a hipster once a band that played Northsix one night was heard the next day on NPR’s Weekend Edition? Christian Lorentzen
I see no greatness in my self…I’m a simple-minded, child-like, insipid sort of moronic and kind of akward feeling adolescent. Neal Cassady
Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. The greatest concentrations of hipsters can be found living in the Williamsburg, Wicker Park, and Mission District neighborhoods of major cosmopolitan centers such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco respectively. Urban Dictionary
They told me because I write on here — Thought Catalog — “the ultimate hipster website,” I am unequivocally a hipster. Kovie Biakolo
They’re [Grizzly Bear] an incredible band. The thing I want to say to everyone — I hope this happens because it will push rap, it will push hip-hop to go even further — what the indie-rock movement is doing right now is very inspiring. It felt like us in the beginning. So, I hope that they have a run where they push hip-hop back a little bit, so it will force hip-hop to fight to make better music, because it can happen, because that’s what rap did to rock. Jay-Z
Obviously, hipsters (male or female) produce a distinct irritation in me, one that until recently I could not explain. Christy Wampole
First I needed to outfit myself. H. W. Carter and Sons in Williamsburg is full of flannel and cardigans and work boots for the younger set. When a scruffy, ponytailed salesman in his 20s approached, I told him: “I’m going for a Mumford & Sons look. I want to look like I play the banjo.” Henry Alford
“How I Became A Hipster” — The Times Beats The Same Dead Horse FREEWilliamsburg
Let’s go downtown and watch the modern kids. Let’s go downtown and talk to the modern kids. They will eat right out of your hand. Using great big words that they don’t understand. Arcade Fire
New York University. Throw a copy of Final Cut Pro and you’ll hit a film student on this Hipster-heavy campus. Throw a hash pipe and watch them wrestle one another to grab it first. NYU Hipsters are often from New York and make the move from the Upper East Side to downtown to have the experience of roughing it during their tenure as students. The Hipster Handbook
Vulnerability is beautiful to me. There might be a need to fabricate your own beauty paradigms. I guess I never quite bought into any kind of ‘standard’. Hedi Slimane

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