A GIF Guide To Procrastination

Ah, Procrastination

0 Procrastination We All Suffer

We are all susceptible!

It’s Friday Night And You’re Out Having A Blast

1 You're Out Having A Good Time

Not a care in the world. Just straight ballin’!

Suddenly You Remember That Huge Paper

2 You Suddenly Realize Something Is Due

Ohhhhh Shit.

But You’re Not Worried, Though

3 You'll Get To It Soon

It’s only seven pages.

When It’s Due In 6 Days There Is Still Plenty Of Time

4 Due In 6 Days

So, drink up!

Four Days Later And You Haven’t Even Created A New Document In Word



But Time Is Running Out


But you work best under pressure.

You Realize The Paper Is Due Tomorrow

5 Due In 2 Days

PANIC sets in.

How Are You Going To Finish!

7 Due Now:How Are You Going To Finish!

It’ll take a straight up miracle.

No Matter How Hard You Work, Nothing Makes Sense

11 Nothing Is Happening

Wait what am I SAYING? Are these even words?

Writer’s Block Sets In

13 Writers Block Sets In

Tears of pain.

The Clock Is Ticking

15 Freak Out

Maybe you can ask for an extension??

Because This Is Just Too Hard!

17 It Is Too hard

Why didn’t you major in something easy like everyone else?

There’s Only One Way Out

18 Need A Break

If you take a quick 3 hour nap you can wake up and really pound this thing out.

6 Hours Later, You Get A Brilliant Idea

19 Suddenly You Get A Good Idea

Your thesis finally comes to you!

It Is So Good

22 You're In The Groove

You’re definitely getting an A!

Seriously Though, This Thesis Is EPIC

20 It's Really Good!

You can hardly believe your own brilliance. Where on earth does it come from?

With This New Sense Of Purpose And A Few Hours To Go, You Work Hard

21  Now You're Motivated

You even turn off Gchat.

Because Focus Is Key!

23 Focus Is Key

You’re on fire/Adderall and avoid all contact with the outside world. Things are starting to look good.

You Need Focus Because You Wouldn’t Want To Go Off Course

25 Can't Get Distracted Now

Especially not with such little time left!

Always Keep A Few Snacks Nearby

23 Binge Eat

Because you’re going to need fuel. But only grab snack foods like chips, fruit snacks and crackers — just until you finish this last little part.

Wow — There It Is. You’re Done!

26 You Hand It In

You can’t believe you did it!


28 You Finished!

You should feel proud! Even if you turned the paper in at 11:58 p.m. At least it’s in, amirite? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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