Signs You Are Obsessed With “Scandal” Kind Of

Sweet Baby
Sweet Baby

Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, gets in the way of your Thursdays at 10 p.m.,

Because you know if you don’t watch Scandal right when it comes on,

Somebody is going to ruin the episode for you on Facebook,

Which is why you can’t watch Scandal unless you are also on Facebook and Tweeting all at once,

Because all of your online friends are watching it at the same time as you and everybody yells at each development of the show via the Internet,

Offering Olivia Pope useful advice.


Don’t sleep with Fitz again.

Sleep with Jake already!

Huck, don’t go into that storage unit.

Hoping that Abby makes it out of David’s apartment with the secret computer chip,

And wondering why the only men in Olivia’s life are white.

Not that people shouldn’t get their swirl on because you are for equal opportunity.

At each cliffhanger, a new Tweet/Facebook status update:

“She is going to sleep with him and cut on the TV and realize that he has been spying on her ass!”

“Shonda girl what are you doing!”

To get through daily life you regularly use “Olivia Pope” as a verb — “Let me Olivia Pope this right quick.”

You hate Millie and wish Fitz would just get with Olivia already,

You got turned on at that ribald sex scene in a closet in the White House between the President and Olivia,

You know that Olivia is always on the verge of hyperventilating,

But no matter how stressful the situation is,

Her lipstick is always on point.

She always wears white,

And her “ugly worry” face rivals Claire Danes’ “ugly cry” face.

You get mad as hell when the episode ends, leaving you with televisual blue balls,

But there are THREE weeks to go until the next episode.

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