Here’s Some Hot Guys Dancing In Stilettos

Dance For Change
Dance For Change

Last year someone posted a Kazaky video on my Facebook wall and I nearly lost it. If you’re not familiar, Kazaky is a Ukrainian, high fashion male dance group that wears all-latex everything and works with some pretty sickening choreography. In the video I saw, they performed their dark synth dance jam “Love” at a fashion show right before the models walked out. The song is great and all of that, but what I really got excited about was the fact that they were amazingly hot and ripped to eternity and serving 5.5 inch STILETTOS. YES GAWD.


Gender non-conformity/androgyny is such a beautiful, attractive quality — equal parts excitement, difference, and fascination. Gender fuck works because you mix the masculine with the feminine in really obvious ways. It’s like, I might be wearing stilettos but I have ripped, hot guy abs. The message is not as extreme as it is in drag where you’re basically “playing” the other gender. Gender fuck makes us hot because it brings the polar opposites of masculinity and femininity together all in one. Kazaky knows this, and that’s why on their most recent single “Crazy Law” they wear stilettos and bare chests, in as much as you can “wear” a bare chest, I guess.

Try to watch “Crazy Law” and see if you don’t get even slightly turned on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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