Azealia Banks Has A New Song And It Sure Is Something


Azealia Banks, Our Lady of Colorful, Booty-Length Weaves, has a new single and music video coming out next Tuesday. So see, everyone? SHE DID NOT GET DROPPED FROM INTERSCOPE!! The aggressive, loud new joint is called “Yung Rapunxel,” which is Banks’ Twitter name, the name of her line of MAC lipstick, and I’m almost certain a “Yung Rapunxel” 100% Remy weave line is in the works too.

Yung Rapunxel
Yung Rapunxel

The song showcases Banks’ trademark style of rapping over crazy house beats. I’m really excited about it. And judging by the teaser video which features the full song, that shit’s going to be EPIC. Look out, Nicki — Azealia is coming for your lipstick!! “Yung Rapunxel” is part rap. Part house beats. A LOT of screaming. Also it appears as though Azealia is going to have three mouths at some point, which is sort of SCARY. But props for paying homage to crazy-but-fabulous weirdos like Leigh Bowery, tho! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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