30 Things You Will Definitely Miss About College


1) Unbridled access to food. Dorm food, sure, but also “Campus Dollars,” or whatever your school calls them, that can be used as actual cash all around town.

2) Dorm parties. Maybe you didn’t miss them at the time, and maybe you don’t miss them now, but you still have fond memories of all the liquids and substances and illicit activities you participated in.

3) Library hook ups! The lower PQ section is the best. Nobody’s reading Medieval French literature, so you’ll be alllll in the clear (in case you want to try it out before you graduate).

4) The feeling of accomplishment and pride when you got invited to join a frat, a sorority or a society.

5) Student discounts. Not just on campus but student discounts at the movies, student discounts on plane tickets, student discounts at TOPSHOP. Hang on to those Student IDs, everyone!

6) Putting Nutella on absolutely everything. Wait…that’s supposed to stop in college?

7) Walking past prospective student tour groups and saying something stupid or doing something stupid just to freak everyone out.

8) All the hot guys on the crew team. The guys on the crew team are always the hottest.

9) All of your sex friends are in walking distance!!!

10) Late night delivery of foods of questionable quality. What am I saying — you’ll do this, too, as you slide into adulthood. But at least you’ll have more of an option to cook than you did back in the dorms.

11) Playing an active role in campus politics. Protesting everything.

12) Late night philosophical conversations with your roommate or friend group about all kinds of weird psychedelic shit.

13) Breaking into that place on campus you’re not exactly supposed to be in right now.

14) Your favorite, favorite off-campus eatery that makes that special thing you like. You’ve been there so many times over the last four years that they know your order by heart. I have consumed SO MANY Teryaki Chicken Bowls I don’t know what to do with myself.

15) Having the summers off so long as you’re doing something awesome and not bored back at your parent’s place.

16) And speaking of summers, access to fabulous unpaid summer internships. You don’t get to intern when you graduate, so if you’re still in the early stages of your college career, get your butt out there and intern!

17) That one professor who totally changed your life.

18) The social acceptability of going to absolutely everything wearing pajamas because everybody else is wearing pajamas.

19) FREE access to a state-of-the-art campus health/fitness center.

20) The dining hall may be gross, but it’s the one place where you can put so many kinds of foods that are not supposed together on your tray: french fries, hamburgers, jello, a taco, cereal, and a salad. I never did this when I was in college, but it is a thing people do.

21) The moment you go to your first gay students/gay alliance meeting and realize that you’re not alone. Now there’s Grindr, but back in the olden days before Grindr the gay student group was how you knew who all the other (out) queers were on campus. The gay student group was basically Grindr.

22) Red cups. Turning every situation/television show into a drinking game.

23) Having all of your friends in relatively close distance.

24) The time you spent working for the student newspaper.

25) Getting money from the university to pursue your research interests.

26) Being on such an idyllic, beautiful college campus. That or…being totally surrounded by generally good-looking people in your age group.

27) Strange, experimental courses that are way outside of your major but that you only get to take once in life.

28) Seeing how the campus has improved over the last four years and every time you go back. Remembering what it “used to be like.”

29) Skipping class, choosing instead to play video games or watch porn all day. Giving some lame-ass excuse about why you missed. Expecting to just roll into the final exam and pass everything. In real life, you can’t skip that much work without getting fired. So enjoy skipping stuff while you still can!

30) That sense of accomplishment and pride when you finish an impossible paper that, hours ago, you had no clue how you were going to pull out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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