10 Signs You Just Had Amazing Sex


1) When it’s over the first thing you do is text your friend, “I just had the hottest sex” before disclosing all the ribald details. This is only if you are in an open relationship or are having sex with somebody new for the first time. When you’re dating somebody seriously, you don’t typically update your friends on your sex patterns. Well, not anymore at least!

2) When you’re all done, all you can think about when it’s going to happen again. It was so good you are already planning the next romp. You send them a “we have to do that again” text and they do not respond OMG HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DEAL WITH SOCIETY.

3) If you are able to conjure — right now — the memory of the best sex you ever had and you’re getting a little hot just thinking about it.

4) There’s sex, which is just going through the motions. There’s bad sex, which is like when somebody has no clue what they’re doing or it just doesn’t work and you can’t wait for it to be over. And then there’s good, amazing sex, where some how this person knows exactly know what to do and you can’t stop kissing them and you’re using sex to step inside their soul.

5) The next day you’re doing something random and u have a flashback to the moment that almost makes you pass out. That or you get a huge grin on your face.

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6) If, during the middle, they ask: “How can I get you off?” Being eager and having sexual chemistry is key!

7) Why am I soooo hungry right now????

8) Various body parts start to twitch uncontrollably — eyelids, legs, feet, weaves, etc.

9) If they do new stuff that nobody else has ever done before, leading you to think, “Wow, that’s fun! Why am I only now experiencing this????”

10) You keep telling each other how sexy you are throughout your performance. Desiring, craving the other person is key for having great, grinning-to-yourself-during-office meeting sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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