The 11 Most Fabulous Beyoncé Moments Of All Time

During the Beyoncé concert this Sunday, an occasion some people are referring to as the “Super Bowl,” Queen Bey is going to prove to all of America that she can sing and that she is definitely strong enough to bear the children — then get back to bidness. Before we don our lace fronts and wait to be dazzled, Tweeting about every possible instance of lip synching, enjoy The 11 Most Fabulous Beyoncé Moments Of All Time.

“Run The World (Girls)” music video, 2011

I’ve never really considered Beyoncé a fashion icon necessarily, because she doesn’t need that kind of crutch. But this is one of the first videos where she’s giving you high fashion, if you can take it. The opening dance moves she does, though totally lifted, are so hot, and we are not ready for how she’s working those tits.

“Love On Top” at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2011

I wasn’t really that crazy about the album 4, and “Love On Top” was definitely not on my radar at all. But when I saw this performance, I was SOLD. This performance took me higher — girlfriend better modulate! Say what you will about Beyoncé, but she knows how to sell a song. This was also a special performance because it’s where she “announced” the world’s most important baby. Can you imagine being that baby, watching old family videos and having mommy and Jay-Z show you how you were announced to the world on national television?

“Dangerously In Love” at the Grammys, 2004

Beyoncé sings so beautifully that when she does, doves appear out of thin air.

“Crazy In Love” from the I Am…World Tour DVD, 2010

“Crazy in Love” was Beyoncé’s first proper single as “Beyoncé,” and it is still her best song. I was walking through the Port Authority subway stop in New York last week and one of those ratchet men’s clothing stores had their music blasting out into the station. “Crazy in Love” came on and people lost it. Everybody started dancing and bopping their heads to the song. In this performance Beyoncé/Sasha kills it, and hair choreography is together.

“Purple Rain” duet with Prince, 2004

Beyoncé did a duet with The Purple One back in 2004, and the most hilarious thing about this video is that, first of all, Beyoncé is working some extra-full weave tonight, and second she’s kind of reluctant to share the microphone with Prince!

“1+1” dressing room rehearsal secretly recorded by Jay-Z, 2011

If you needed proof that Beyoncé can sing, here it is.

“Ring The Alarm” live at the MTV VMAs, 2006

I love this performance because she’s paying homage to Janet Jackson. That dance sequence gets me every time. I’m always like, “OMG don’t fall!!”

“Deja Vu” live at the BET Awards, 2006

This is another song I didn’t really care for until I saw this performance at the BET Awards. I just…I don’t know about those pasties on her legs?

“Halo” sung live in the NUH hospital in Singapore, 2009

With all these candid Beyoncé performances that keep popping up on YouTube, I think it’s high time for her to release an acoustic album, don’t you? Just listen to her voice here. Come onnn.

“Star-spangled Banner” at the Inauguration of President Obama, 2013

This was a fabulous Beyoncé moment because since it occurred, everyone has been talking about whether or not she lip synched her performance. I don’t get why it was such a big deal. Obviously she was actually and for real singing at the podium, whether or not we heard that in our homes, though you can definitely hear two voices if you listen closely. But something was going on up on that stage that caused her to rip out that ear piece — which was a brilliant lip synching move that not even a drag queen could top. She should get credit for THAT!

“Star-Spangled Banner” at a Super Bowl press conference, 2013

Like a true diva, Beyoncé didn’t respond to the lip synching controversy until 10 days later and in the best way possible. This week Bey admitted to singing to a backing track, but of course not until she threw ALL TEA ALL SHADE at America by re-singing a flawless version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” completely a capella. Do you think she would have gotten a golden ticket on American Idol based on this performance? What made this whole thing even better was that at the end of her performance she was like, “Any questions?” GIVE THEM SHADE HUNTY, GIVE THEM SHADE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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