Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen To This Song Immediately

Roisin Murphy (pronounced Ro-sheen, not Roy-sin or rosin — I know right?!) is probably the most talented and the most overlooked dance artist of the moment. In the past few years she’s only had a few public performances, sparsely trickling out a single or an EP here and there, including her most recent Simulation. But the truth is that the betch has not released a new album since 2007!!! Gays and dance music aficionados around the world are very unhappy about this.

The Irish diva and “Ramalama Bang Bang” singer who is “Sow Into You” was serving crazy costumes and electronic beats when Lady Gaga, bless her bedazzled heart, was just some NYU girl nobody liked. If I’m going to compare Roisin to Gaga I have to say one thing: the strongest read that Lady Gaga’s critics have launched against her since Day 1 is that her music is not as weird as she is. Yes, Gaga gives us tea cups, head pieces, and bisexuality to eternity, but why is the music itself so simple? Well, because record companies think we’re all idiots and they won’t put out something that doesn’t have insane mass appeal. And mass appeal usually means that it’s easy to digest. Gaga’s job as the sort of mainstream dance artist of the moment is to make pop tunes that people will listen to, and we’ll overlook the bloody performances and meat dresses in return.

Roisin Murphy, on the other hand, is totally gimmick free. She so talented and watching her perform you can see that her stage presence is great. To me there’s nothing worse than a singer with NO stage presence. The video below is Murphy singing the same song out on the streets of London with no extra mess — no autotune, no mics, no amplification. She sounds beautiful, sings with such charisma, and you can tell she loves music.

Do you know what would be just perfect? If Roisin Murphy got signed to DFA records, the same label that gave us dirty disco revival bands like Holy Ghost!, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, and The Rapture. I mean she already has that DFA sound. Anyway, I hope Murphy releases more new music this year because dance music is only as strong as the people who make it. And I’m starting to grow tired of Skrillex with his bro-stepy farting noises and all those David Guetta remixes. I also don’t really love Robyn — sorry!!! Dance music isn’t just about hot beats — you have to have a great voice to go along with it. Beyoncé is never going to make a disco record, although if she did it would be FABULOUS. So it seems like Roisin Murphy is all we’ve got for now. Murphy gives us that interesting old school disco feel infused with some funk for a refreshing twist. TC mark

Overloaded: Roisin Murphy
Overloaded: Roisin Murphy


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