13 Things That Drive OCD People INSANE


1) When all the dishes in the house are dirty and a roommate cleans one spoon and one bowl for some cereal and puts them back with the rest of the dirty dishes at the end. My step father’s OCD is so bad that if he even sees WATER DROPLETS in the sink he’s gonna go off.

2) Being 100% CONVINCED that the IKEA instructions are incorrect.

3) When the cans and spices in the cabinet are all facing different directions. When the shelves themselves aren’t spaced far apart enough to allow boxes to be upright.

4) When the printer runs out of ink and that last page is kind of blurry and has those weird lines on it.

5) When people say you are “crazy” because you do things a certain way. That or being made fun of for your rituals.

6) The possibility of having to touch anything in a public bathroom with their bare bands. Also, if there are no paper towel in the bathroom. This means a) you can’t wash or dry your bands and b) you can’t use the paper towel to open the bathroom door, which is really what they’re for.

7) When you send an important email or text to somebody and that person doesn’t get back to you immediately. Worrying that person is mad at you and that’s why they didn’t respond yet.

8) When a pen reaches that point where it’s just about to run out of ink and there are no other pens/writing implements available.

9) When staples aren’t done correctly. If they’re backwards or if they don’t quite clamp down on the page the way they’re supposed to. So annoying.

10) Other people’s germs. The possibility of getting sick because of these germs. STAY HOME, SICK PEOPLE.

11) Having a new ache or runny nose, spending hours on WebMD trying to figure out what it is and being convinced they are actually on their death bed.

12) Opening a package upside down or on the wrong side altogether.

13) Unmade beds. Part of my morning ritual is making the bed and picking up around the house/cleaning up any mess that I made the night before. It’s like having a fresh, clean start to the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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