Sex So Good It Makes You Cry


Recently I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to have sex so good it makes you cry. Not like CRAZY boo-hoo-ing, but just, you know, you get teary. I mean, nobody should be crying during sex because you’re in serious pain or because the D is too big or something like that. You should be crying because it feels good and magical and amazing and you’re so overcome with emotions that, well, you are brought to tears. Apparently this is happening to people, and I need to figure out how to make it happen to moi. Happily I already have a person in mind — and he knows who he is!

The other day I was watching a pornographic — though artful — performance work online and throughout the whole video the sex was so intense that the guy on bottom was actually crying. Like literally crying — before the orgasm set in. Normally we’d see something like that and think it was so weird that we hurried up to finish so we could text our BFF afterwards being like, “Yo, he cried. WTF?” Or maybe we’d say that it’s all an act, but sometimes you can’t fake pleasure that intense — or can you?


So, Internet people, have you ever had sex so good it made you cry?

I guess it depends on how you engage with the mechanics of sex and the emotions attached to it. For one thing, I certainly don’t think sex and intimacy are the same thing. It’s easy to have “just sex.” Everybody can have sex, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. We can skip class to have sex or, you know, whatever. For most people, sex can feel absolutely amazing every time you do it, even without some kind of emotional or other connection to your partner. But “just sex” is sort of mechanical, isn’t it? Rub this, shake that, blow here, press below — and bing, bang, boom, you have an orgasm.

With intimacy, though, you don’t even need to have sex to feel the excitement of unreleased sexual tension between two people. You want it so bad, and she or he wants it bad, but for whatever reason you don’t do it yet. While you wait, that’s when you’re building up the sexual tension and attraction to them. With real intimacy your fuck partner isn’t a sex object — they’re a person you’re extremely attracted to, who you’re generally interested in, curious about, someone you crave at every level. When you’re intimate with someone you care about this much, crying is like your whole body orgasming because it doesn’t know what else to do.

When you have sex so good it makes you cry, all of your physical and mental pleasure points are hit to the point where your body is just like, OH SHIT. We get so wrapped up in the physicality of sex that we forget how mental the experience is supposed to be. Here you lay as you allow this person to enter you, or you have been allowed to penetrate a person, and you gaze into their eyes, peer into their soul, and you can’t believe that this particular person is making you feel this way. Here, now, you’re feeling emotions and parts of your body that you didn’t even know were there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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