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Kiss me. Take my hand and stare eagerly into my eyes. Gently push me up against the wall, move in close so your body is pressed against mine. My heart flutters and my blood rushes because I know this is it, this is going to be our first kiss. My eyes say, “follow me to the ends of the earth” and all I want to do is be yours.

As you hold my hand and hover over me, close, everything seems like it’s moving in slow motion. Anticipation. Our lips finally touch, everything speeds up. Heat. Intensity. You chase after my essence, I’m chasing after yours, and the whole thing is beautiful. Caress the side of my face. Massage the base of my neck. Our souls are united. Make this, our first kiss, last.

Every time I see you I get excited for when I’ll see you next, even though you’re still right there in front of me. I lose myself in your ice blue eyes and every time you smile I smile, too. Butterflies in my stomach. Heart jumping out of its cage. I’ve never really felt this way about someone before. To you I feel an emotional, intellectual, physical, and sexual connection, and I know we are lucky to find even two of these in a person at anypoint in our lives. All the emotions push me to want to discover more about you. At every exchange of a glance, I feel closer to you.

I want you. I want you because you make me smile, I want you because you make me laugh. I want you because I get excited when I look at you, as soon as you come around. I want you because we have inside jokes that nobody else knows about, and I want you because I feel like we can talk about anything. I want you because we can stay up late watching episodes of 30 Rock or Noah’s Arc and laugh along the way. I know I want you because I see things that remind me of you and I text them to you and we laugh about it. I want you because you fascinate me, because I learn from you. I want you because I can look at you without saying a word and I know how we feel.

Let’s all take it slow. Let’s take the time to explore one another. I want to be yours. To me a first kiss is better than sex, because by the time we have sex we have already kissed, and a connection has been established. Our first kiss was the moment we solidified our connection and, anyway, a good first kiss only makes us wonder what the sex will be like when we finally make it to that step. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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