How To Be Fabulous


1) Realize that you don’t have to be rich or wear designer labels to be fabulous.

2) Know that other people’s thoughts don’t define you. Let them think what they want, but keep doing you anyway.

3) Have a breakdown. Fabulous people always have issues. Bounce back more fabulous than ever.

4) Be willing to take risks, put yourself out there. Nothing ever happens to people who don’t put themselves out there. It’s part of the thrill.

5) Understand that fashion and style are not the same thing. Fashion is the thing that gives us shorts in the summer and sweaters in the winter. Style is way more individual and personal. Style is whatever you say it is.

6) Don’t believe it when people say that a thing is “in” or “out” of style. Bitch if you feel like pulling a Kelly Kapowski and wearing an oversized sweater that falls off your shoulder and people are hating, tell those trollops to get INTO your Kelly Kapowski.

7) WORK! And I’m not talking about employment. Workin’ it is about confidence, about believing you are everything.


8) Never wait in line at the club. Just walk right up to the bouncer because you are fabulous, and fabulous people never wait.

9) Be talented, and work to improve your natural gifts.

10) Never say “I can’t pull that off.” You can pull it off if you believe you can. I have a pair of leopard pants that I let a friend of mine borrow when we went out once. He was so nervous about wearing them, “I can’t pull those off.” Child, please. You look hottttt. Guess what? He got like ten thousand compliments and now he owns a pair of leopard pants. Get into it.

11) Know how to look when you know you are being looked at, which should be always because you’re fabulous.

12) Stay confident, but have some humility, too.

13) Buy something, anything, from Patricia Field.

14) Take style risks. Don’t be afraid to try something different or to work a “weird” look.

15) Get something with strong shoulders, a feather boa, a headpiece, a fur coat or a thing with sequins on it, wear it any time. I LIVE for daytime sequins. A feather boa at brunch? Why not! A headpiece in on a Tuesday afternoon? Sure! Dye your hair an interesting color. Get a cool haircut.

16) Always work to be your best. Don’t just be an image. Have some substance.

16) Smile with your eyes.

17) Wear something you know is absolutely ridiculous. Keep a straight face.

18) Coco Chanel, the Queen of Chic, said to take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house. I say, why wear some jewelry when you can wear ALL of it?

19) Understand that being fabulous is an intangible gift — that your being fabulous can brighten a person’s day.

20) Be comfortable with the fact that you might be so fabulous that people will NOT be ready. Don’t fold to the pressures of being normal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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