Hot Chip Wants All Of You Hot Soccer Bros To Just Come Out Already


I just love it when buzz worthy indie bands use their art to get everybody thinking about gay sex, especially when that gay sex involves hot soccer dudes! Why care about the score or who’s winning, really, when you can watch a bunch of sweaty, physically fit nearly-naked bros run around a field! Hot Chip knows this, and in the video for “Don’t Deny Your Heart” from the band’s fifth LP In Our Heads, out now on Domino, the verses “Don’t deny your heart/don’t destroy your heart” encourage people, and sports professionals in particular, to come out. Let’s stop thinking that sports and The Gay don’t mix.

But things really come to life in the video when these two soccer avatars are like checking each other out in the middle of a game. Things get so hot that the players can’t help themselves so eventually they start making out. Then all the dudes on the field start making out. And then — because why not? — all the dudes get piled up on top of each other in an orgy! Yaass. Things start getting hot around 2:20 if you feel like fast forwarding to the money shot.

The video dropped soon after the outrageously attractive Manchester United star Anders Lindegaard urged gay soccer players to come out already, despite the negative reception they might get from devoted fans who think sports and homosexuality don’t mix. According to The Sun, Anders said “Of course it is a problem for young gay guys who love football, and feel they must stop their sport. Any discrimination is totally unacceptable, regardless of whether it is to do with colour, religion or sexuality.” Preach, bro! Preach.

The only thing I’m wondering is…WHO ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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