We Do Not Want Our Children Singing To Nicki Minaj, Apparently

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_zrKSoZNAU%5D

When this little dude’s mommy told him he couldn’t sing that Nicki Minaj song “Starships,” he totally boo hoo’d about it. Why couldn’t he sing to it? Because the song has a couple potty mouth words in it? Well, whatever. Kids should be allowed to curse if you ask me — let’s teach those suckers while they’re young! Concerned about her son’s well-being, Mom did what any loving, protective parent would do: she made a YouTube video about it! Ellen DeGeneres, who loves viral YouTube stars, saw the adorable clip and brought Dustin on her show where he was allowed to sing the (clean) version of “Starships” for all of America. Behold: the next Justin Bieber is in front of our very eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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