Discussion: What Are The Songs You’re Embarrassed To Like?

I recently discovered how much I love that Pussycat Dolls song, “When I Grow Up.” So that’s why when you visit my Facebook page it says I’ve played it 562 times, in case you were wondering. The thing is, I don’t want anybody to know I’m blasting that shit, lip syncing, dancing around my apartment in underwear and black socks, no shirt, like I’m the badest Pussycat Doll up in here. I certainly don’t want Spotify to know about it because he tells on me every time. But why should I be embarrassed? It’s just a song.

Taste in music isn’t just about listening to what we like — it’s another way of showing people what subcultural groups we do or don’t belong to. When people find out I like Yanni (yes, Yanni!), I feel like it jacks up my street cred.

What are the songs you’re embarrassed to like? What songs do you crank all the way up when nobody’s listening? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – When I Grow Up


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