Discussion: Will Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Album Be A Hit?

That “Call Me Maybe” song was so hot that even the University of Chicago jumped on the bandwagon. They sent out a bunch of letters to prospective students totally riffing on the song. Well, well. You know you’ve really hit it big when even the University of Chicago — the place “Where Fun Goes To Die” — is copying you! Amid all the amazing pressure to succeed, which must be really daunting, yesterday the Canadian Ms. Jepsen dropped her “second” album, Kiss. It’s technically a sophomore record, but it’s her first album that actually matters, let’s be real.

I have to say that I love the cover of this record. What color captures pure pop music better than hot pink! It’s clean, polished, and I’m already drawn into the record based on this cover alone. Plus, she looks all grown up, serving us that girl-next-door pop star who’s juuusst naughty enough to keep you interested. You have to wonder if this is the beginning of her launch into pop super stardom a la Britney Spears, where she will unleash ear worm after ear worm on us when we least expect it. Or is she stuck in first gear as a one-hit wonder?

What do you think? Will this album be any good? Can she hit us with another ridiculously catchy tune? TC Mark

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