Now You Can Get Underwear To Make Your Penis Look Even Bigger

Are you a dude who thinks regular underwear don’t do your package justice? Tired of going to the gym and doing that thing where the frame of your johnson just doesn’t peek enough through the fabric of your gym shorts/sweats, making it harder and harder for you to flirt with that girl you always see on the treadmill? Well brighten up, bros!  Bust out that Visa and order yourself a pair of Shock Jock briefs designed by Andrew Christian, new in 2011, which offers a soft hidden cup that’s sculpted into a penis shape (available in black or white models, everybody!), and adds a whole 2 inches to your frontal measurement. Isn’t this a great idea! Now you can finally be well-endowed, at least until you take these things off, which means a) never take them off or b) always have sex in the dark. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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