This 5 Year Old Little “Princess Boy” Has Bigger Balls Than You Do

Dyson Kilodavis is a young Lady Gaga 5 year old kid who wears women’s clothes and, specifically, dresses like a princess. Doesn’t that sound fun!  The “Princess Boy” came to America’s attention this week due to his appearance on a number of talk shows, where he wore a series of fabulous tutus, sequins and other bedazzled items. Man, I wish I was that fierce when I was 5. And the thing is, his whole family is totally supportive—including the dad, who by the way is black. Straight black dudes usually hate black men who are a wee bit fabulous, so it’s a breath of fresh air that the family is so encouraging. Maybe that has to do with the fact that momma Kilodavis wrote a book called, My Princess Boy: A Mom’s Story about a Young Boy Who Loves to Dress Up, published by Simon & Schuster, which probably afforded a nice advance and thus puts a huge smile on the family’s bank account. However you look at it, this kid is great because he’s telling all you homophobes and genderists out there to pipe down: it’s okay to be queer! Now all he has to do is start a fashion blog and before you know it he’ll be sitting in the front row at Marc Jacobs. TC mark


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  • Mark

    Feel bad for the father.

    • john dorian marshall


  • XXX

    God damn you capitalism

  • Yoohooooo

    you wrote: “it’s okay to be queer! “
    umm…. the kid is five
    why do you assume that he's gay?
    i think you mean that it's okay to not cling to gender stereotypes….

    • Madison Moore

      um, whoa. nobody said anything about anybody being gay. i know dude's only 5. oh, and PS: the oxford english dictionary defines “queer” as “eccentric.” look it up.

      • Cameron Graham

        “Queer” as been in usage primarily as a reference to being gay for decades, and the Oxford English Dictionary actually lists “homosexual” as the second definition. I'm not debating your intentions, per se, but it's unfair to infer that someone is unintelligent for not grasping your meaning when your word choice is blatantly pedantic.

      • Yoohooooo


      • Erik Stinson


      • Madison Moore

        i dont think i understand what u r saying

      • Parker

        “Queer” has been reevaluated and is now a term that describes any alternative, atypical sexuality or gender representation.

  • Shlomi Edry

    Its all about the Money!

    We should wait until he grows to check the effects on this young boy/ you only say it is “ok” since it is your opinion regardless to this boy, not as a conclusion after testing the case. That's not the way to serve truth

    • Madison Moore


  • Mark

    “It's not contagious…he just likes to do it in a dress. Meh. Big Deal.”-The Dad.

    Best quote of the entire segment. Good show man.

  • christopher lynsey

    When I watched this I just thought about capitalism, then Barbie, then capitalism again, then the father who put his in a balloon but did not really put his kid in balloon, then about gross revenue of publishing house like Simon & Schuster, then Herbert Marcuse

  • christopher lynsey

    *his kid

  • PolishedJungle

    No. Sir.

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