Carine Roitfeld Is Leaving Vogue Paris

When I opened my Twitter this morning, the first thing in my Feed was, “Tout sur le départ de Carine Roitfeld.” Nooooooo!!! In a massive thud heard around world,  Paris Vogue editor-in-chief (and my idol) Carine Roitfeld announced that she’s leaving the magazine. It’s not that she’s going to another magazine or anything, but more that she’s kind of totally over them. “I have no plan at all,” she said. “It’s ten years that I’m editor of the magazine. I think it’s time to do something different,” she told Cathy Horyn.

Why, CaRo? Why!!

This day was kind of a long time coming. Here’s what CaRo said about the fashion industry to New York magazine back in 2008:

Right now I think that fashion in the world becomes a bit boring. There is so much money, and I feel a bit when you go to shows they want to sell so many handbags, and for me, well, I do not like handbags. I do not wear handbags. It is not a nice look, to carry a handbag. I’m not a business girl. I will never be a business girl, but I will say, for Anna Wintour, that I respect successful people, I like things that are success. But this is really American.

I can’t speak for everybody, but CaRo is the reason I buy Vogue Paris, and I think lots of people feel the same way. Under CaRo decade-long tenure, she breathed new life into the magazine, and it “received record levels of circulation and advertising and editorial success,” said Jonathan Newhouse, Condé Nast overlord. What distinguishes CaRo’s Vogue from all the others is that she still believes in glamour. Models take the cover of Vogue Paris, while celebrities with a movie coming out usually cover American Vogue. This is why it will be a cold day in hell before CaRo takes over American Vogue, as was hotly rumored in The Devil Wears Prada and in fashion circles back in 2008. American Vogue’s editorial voice goes something like, “Hey there! Everybody can be glamorous!” whereas Vogue Paris is like, “if you can’t afford to be as fabulous as the people in the magazine, sorry—that’s your own fault.”

I’ve always felt that reading an issue of Vogue Paris is not unlike reading an ethnography, or maybe a short story, of popular culture. Longtime Vogue Paris social commentator Francis D’Orléan wrote a glamorous book called SNOB SOCIETY in which he basically wrote about all the fabulous people throughout time, who of course have landed in the magazine.

People respect CaRo’s Vogue because she is not afraid to take risks. Tranny fabulous style icon and fellow African-American Andre J. was once on the cover; she did a profile on transsexual model Lea T. And the magazine is just generally not afraid to “go there,” like it did with the October 2010 90-year anniversary issue (the best one yet) with Lara Stone’s plump breasts on the cover. Plus, there’s lots and lots and lots of black clothes! These are all things Anna Wintour would never do with her Vogue. CaRo feels young, sexy, approachable, and hip, all things Anna are not.

CaRo plans to stay on through the end of January 2011, which should make the upcoming Paris Fashion Week very exciting.  Her last issue as EIC will be in March, which thankfully means I can keep buying the magazine until then. It’s a sad day for fashionistas everywhere, but this is also just the way of the land in fashion. A dead brand or magazine decides it wants to be young and hip and relevant again, so they hire someone young and hip and relevant to make the magazine an ass load of cash. Then he or she peaces out and the whole thing starts all over again. Or a hot designer/editor leaves while the iron is piping hot. Fashion is about musical chairs. All the fashion greats left where they were while the stove was burning, typically at the height of when they were synonymous with the brand. Tom Ford, Hedi Slimane, Olivier Theyskens, and now Carine Roitfeld.

I’m excited to see what CaRo will do next. Rest assured, though, that whatever it is, it will not be as EIC of American Vogue.

And so, A Brief List of People Who Should Takeover Vogue Paris:

  • Andre Leon Talley
  • Olivier Zahm
  • Daphne Guinness
  • Lady Gaga
  • Cecilia Dean
  • Tom Ford. Man, a “Tom Ford” Vogue Paris would be ridiculous! You should “Like” my TOM FORD FOR VOGUE PARIS page on Facebook. TC mark

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  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    Do you thing magazines like Vogue are 'good' for society? Seems detrimental.

    • Joseph Ernest Harper


  • Madison Moore

    who's interested in the good of society? all the world needs is more LANVIN.

  • exitclov

    This whole article reads like the diary entry of a 13 year old girl on the day that Ginger Spice announced she was leaving the band. “It’s a sad day for fashionista’s (unnecessary apostrophe placement, cringe) everywhere, but this is also just the way of the land in fashion.” Oh my god, there is so much wrong going on. I'm mired in all your naive generalizations and confused figures of speech.

    I get the feeling that you've never seen a Vogue outside of New York or Paris. There are upwards of 8 of them. You should look into it. Perhaps then you'll realize that the aforementioned two are hardly the last word in 'groundbreaking'/'envelope-pushing' editorial content.

    “CaRo is young, sexy, approachable, and hip, all things Anna are not.” Not to 'defend' Nuclear Wintour or anything, but honey, at least check yo'self through Wikipedia before you send shit out for publication–Roitfeld is only 5 years younger than her. How do you know she is approachable? Have you met her? What is 'hip'? I just…I can't.

    Yo, TC masthead? I love/study fashion myself, but isn't this pretty off-topic for y'all? And who let this by without even a proofread?

    • Madison Moore

      I L-O-V-E pissing people off. Especially when they're so angry and fucked up that they take the time to write a long ass reply about how horrible the article they read was. So, like, thanks for making my day! Clearly you don't know anything about me. I know exactly how many Vogue's there are (I do not read American Vogue, only France and Italy), I work at a fashion magazine. And I have, in fact, met Carine Roitfeld. I also know how old Carine is, but if you took a second to pop a Xanax to coax you out of your unfortunately sour mood, you'd see, and nobody could argue with, the fact that Carine SEEMS a hell of a lot younger and frisker than Anna.

      But, like, THX for the comment about the unnecessary apostrophe in “fashionista.” I'm so gonna change it right now.

      • exitclov

        “Angry and fucked up”? Not quite sure how I've demonstrated this, but you seem fond of your sweeping generalizations, so I'm gonna let you keep that one. As a journalist, you might want to reconsider telling someone to “pop a Xanax” anytime they criticize your writing.

        My reply didn't take an exceptional amount of time, I just happen to care about the fact that the 'intellectual'/academic community at large (represented in some part by Thought Catalog's readership) tends to dismiss fashion as a legitimate artistic medium with its own place in cultural affairs, precisely because so much of its public discourse comes across as vapid, inane…as if our vocabularies don't extend past empty words like 'chic' and 'hip' and 'effortless', whose values are never really defined anyway.

        Only France and Italy, really? No Nippon or Korea? I find their photographic editorial work much more thematically varied and stimulating.

        I actually did click on your writer's profile before I commented and was quite perturbed to find that you do work at a fashion magazine. Crossing my fingers it's something like Glamour or Teen Vogue, because turns of phrase like “she's kind of totally over magazines” are kind of totally embarrassing. If you get paid to write like a sophomore, then damn, maybe breaking into the biz won't be as hard as I thought.

      • Joseph Ernest Harper

        This argument is more sweet than the article.

        Funny bits:

        – “…mired…” (Cool word)
        – “but honey” (Sweet)
        – “I just…I can't.” (Exhausted. Just so dismayed)
        – “I L-O-V-E pissing people off.” (Jesus)
        – “fucked up” (Jesus)
        – “pop a Xanax to coax” (Sweet triple x-er)
        – “But, like, THX for the comment about the unnecessary apostrophe in “fashionista.” I'm so gonna change it right now.” (Imagined this read by Kanye West in the “ima let you finish” tone)
        – “the 'intellectual'/academic community at large (represented in some part by Thought Catalog's readership)” (Self-esteem boost or something (chill))
        – “Teen Vogue” (Does this count as one of the “upwards of 8” Vogues? Would be interested in reading some kind of Thought Catalog Vogue ranking/describing article.)
        – “Only France and Italy, really? No Nippon or Korea? I find their photographic editorial work much more thematically varied and stimulating.” (Jesus)

        Last line is pretty tense too.

        Would actually read a Vogue describe/rank article. Would be interested to see how Vogue Turkey stacks up against Vogue Russia. Is the Korean one North Korea or South Korea. Really hope it's North. “tends to dismiss fashion as a legitimate artistic medium…” really rang true to me. Would be good to read an article to prove that wrong I think.

        Maybe not. I don't know.

        Sweet battle.

      • exitclov

        sweet suggestion re: describe/rank article. i think that would work well as a collaboration thing, to get across the language barriers.

        i love vogue turkey! their photo editorials, at least, obvi i can't read it. idk where vogue korea's headquarters are at, google's not helping.

        jezebel recently did this article, “Is Fashion Smart?”, that tries to dispel the bad image. it's kind of short, but i think they did a good job.

      • Madison Moore

        Girlfriend, you seriously need to chillax. And, oh, it's ashame the fact I only read Vogue France and Italy displeases you so. Haven't you noticed they're $20 a pop? I have other things to do with my money, such as eat, pay my rent, and buy cocaine so I can stay mellowed out. There's nothing wrong with criticism, but I fucking hate academics who take themselves so seriously. I'm an academic myself, and people like you who can't find pleasure/joy/happiness in anything I don't really understand. Good luck.

      • exitclov

        lol i don't buy them either, that's what the fashion spot is for

        cocaine to MELLOW out? damn, that explains everything

        keep telling yourself i don't find pleasure in anything. then try some weed instead.

  • Jeannex

    I like the article you write. Its true there may be grammatical errors but I know you are a busy person and can't make everything perfect. It is still nice of you to take time out to share your thoughts and I like how natural your article sounds

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