6 Things That Happen When You Join A Sorority


1. You learn rituals.

During your time in a sorority, you will have to go through rituals for everything from initiation to Founder’s Day. A lot of times, they will be ridiculous. And you will roll your eyes and laugh at them, even though secretly you think they’re kind of cool.

2. You discover your crafty side.

Or, you discover you don’t have one, and realize buying gifts for your little on Etsy is a lot more practical than giving them the glitter-covered catastrophe you tried to copy off of Pinterest.

3. You go out with your sisters at your side, feeling invincible.

They only thing more fun than getting ready and heading out together is sharing stories the next morning.

4. You go to the library together.

And as hard as you try to be productive, studying eventually turns into gossiping about the weekend before, comparing results of Buzzfeed quizzes and stalking guys on Facebook. You don’t get any work done, but you definitely have fun procrastinating.

5. You go to date parties.

A lot of times you will get set up, and it will be awkward, and you will overestimate your tolerance and drink way, way too much. These are the nights where your sober sisters come to the rescue, and you send them a million apology texts the next day.

6. You’re there for each other.

You give each other rides from the airport, bring Starbucks during late night study sessions, and knock on the door to your sister’s room with a plate of brownies and ears to vent to when her ex-boyfriend is acting like a dick. Even when there are girls in the sorority whom you don’t get along with, you know that when it comes down to it, you all have each other’s backs, and that’s what being in a sorority is all about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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