10 Ways To Take Complete Control Back Of Your Life

Frank Park
Frank Park

We all know life can get a little crazy sometimes, it’s pretty much unavoidable, but we always have the ability to reel the crazy back in. Here are ten ways to take back control of your crazy life, whether it be mind, body, or soul. Pick the path that works best for you, and build up from there. Even just adopting one of these habits will help set your mind straight and kick start your day, week, month and/or year in a positive direction.

1. Exercise: Exercising has so many benefits besides just weight loss. It provides you the opportunity to take charge, whether it be of your weight, heart, body image, or strength and ability. Exercising not only provides you with the opportunity to physically be who you want to be, but also provides a great mental release (Literally, your brain releases the feel good hormone dopamine).

2. Meditate: Whether you have anxiety, stress, ADHD, or nothing at all, the practice of meditating allows you to relax. Taking a break from the hussle and bussle around you, self reflecting, and truly centering yourself is desperately needed. Meditation allows us to gain clarity through being more thoughtful in our decision making, actions, and thoughts. Honestly, don’t knock it till you try it. While it may not be for everyone, it is very underrated for the benefits it can bring into your life.

3. Eating well balanced meals. Your body tells you a lot more than you think, so listen to it! Eating a well balanced diet, and staying hydrated, will allow your body to perform at its best. This will make you less irritable, bloated, and/or lethargic, giving you more control over your emotions. In order to perform at 100 you have to feel 100.

4. Invest in your relationships: When you have healthy, positive relationships you feel better, and you have a better attitude and outlook on the world around you. Putting the time and effort into maintaining good relationships is an essential part of your much needed support system and life. Sometimes the best way to ground yourself is through someone else’s perspective.

5. Find a hobby: Keeping your mind busy is a great way to maintain control. We all know our jobs are important, but tapping into our inner passions allows us to express ourselves in an entirely new way. Being creative in our own unique way gives us the chance to use a different part of our brain, keeping our minds sharp, and our stress low.

6. Set goals: Not having a sense of direction can be confusing, so set goals and work backwards from there to implement a plan of action. Knowing how and when you plan to achieve these goals will give you a piece of mind and set you up to be successful. There’s no reward quite like personal achievements.

7. Ask for something you’ve been too afraid to ask for: There’s something really special about being able to conquer your fears, and realizing you are capable of so much more than you thought. So take a leap and push yourself, your future self will thank you and the adrenaline you’ll feel after is such a life high.

8. Get organized: Whether it’s your room, your bills, your budget or simply making a list, makes life so much easier. Start somewhere and work your way up. Making your bed in the morning is a perfect example of a small win that can help start and end your day off on the right foot.

9. Never stop learning: Keeping up to date on the latest news, learning new skills, and challenging yourself intellectually will help you make more informed decisions. You can do this by signing up for a free class, attending networking events, conferences or even just catching up on the news during your daily commute. These exercises lead to more thoughtful discussions, and will better equip you for the challenges that lie ahead.

10. Measure your progress: Celebrate the small wins such as… did you exercise for 3 days straight? Have you started meditating before bed? Are you now an avid knitter? Give yourself a pat on the back, recognize how difficult it is to change your habits, and celebrate your progress. But take note how you feel, too. Are you happier? More energetic? Are you thinking more clearly? Sleeping better? Note the things that work and the things that still need improving, this is not a sprint it’s a marathon, so keep your eyes on the prize because the prize is a better you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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