Forget Epiphanies, Start Living Instead

I’m constantly on the search for some sort of life-changing idea, strategy or way of being that will revolutionize my whole live.

Here’s the catch:

It must be an instant, and sustainable change in perspective that will carry me worry-free through the rest of my life.

A big ask, I know.

At this point, I’ve tried just about everything. I’ve even scoured Reddit asking “what’s the most life-changing epiphany you’ve ever had?” Cue the clichéd stop caring what other people think, and love yourself and stay in the moment type phrases.

But still, I occasionally find the odd nugget of inspiration that gives me that feeling. The “I’ve cracked the code and will now live the blissful, happy, successful life I’ve always wanted and thrive and everything will fall into place and even if it doesn’t, I will somehow still be okay all the time because I’ve found the answer within and nothing can take it away from me because all I have to do is ___________” kind of feeling.

What follows looks a little something like this:

Try on the concept for fit.

Feel elated and inspired since I’ve found “the answer”. Finally.

Drop the idea two days later when I realize that yes, I still somehow have to deal with negative human emotions.


As you can see, there’s a major flaw in this process. It doesn’t work.

You cannot force an enlightened perspective. In fact, that’s anti-enlightenment at it’s finest. The trying, the forcing and the pushing is ineffective, and will not bring you any closer to the peace you’re yearning for.

True moments of perspective arrive at their own time, and pace. Sometimes it’s during an unexpected conversation with someone, or after making a difficult life decision. Sometimes, it’s a piece of advice you heard five or ten years prior that suddenly clicks. And sometimes, the epiphany isn’t some grandiose “aha” moment. It’s a series of minor insights that gradually piece together into one massive shift.

Our becoming is a by-product of age, maturity and life experience. That, and letting go of unrealistic, one-dimensional ideas of how your life should look and the mindset needed to get there.

In other words, it’s getting off Reddit and giving up the search for your long-lost epiphany.

Here, and winging it.

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