Only You Can Set Yourself Free

It’s crazy how we inhibit ourselves without even realizing it.

Lofty dreams, obvious passions, and kismet pings of insight are right within our grasp, practically begging us to grab hold.

Yet we resist.

We shrug it off and wait.

We wait for the right moment. We wait for the right person to push us off the ledge, all while forgetting we only have ourselves at the top of the mountain.

The truth is no matter how much we sit, ponder, and stare into the unknown beneath us, nothing will change.

Until. We. Jump.

It’s all in our control.

You want to try something? Try it.

You want to be something? Be it.

You want to do something? Do it.

I understand this concept is simple, yes. But actually following through is a whole other story.

I’ve been patiently waiting for my thoughts, dreams, creativity, and ideas to be validated.

I’ve been waiting to be told that I’m enough just as I am, for better or for worse.

The truth is, I’ve had people tell me these things until they’re blue in the face and nothing has changed.

I’m realizing there’s no fairy godmother who’s going to flick her magic wand and somehow I’ll wake up perfectly and wholly me, fully and fearlessly expressed.

I’ve got to validate me.

I’ve got to commit to me.

I’ve got to decide that I’m enough.

I’ve revelled in many inspirational quotes and articles, grasping for the magical insight or epiphany that will set me free from the self-imposed chains tying me down.

This isn’t me telling you you’re enough. I can’t make you believe that.

This is me telling you to stop looking outside of yourself. Stop waiting for your friends, your significant other, social media, or your Mom to give you permission to feel worthy.

It won’t work.

Until you decide for yourself that you’re enough, you’re going to be imprisoned.

Set yourself free and jump.

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