5 Things Girls Wish Guys Understood

Twenty20 / kirillvasilevphotography
Twenty20 / kirillvasilevphotography

1. If a girl says she likes you she actually likes you.

By the time you reach your late teens and twenties you realiZe that there is no longer a point in hiding who you are crushing on but it is easier to just come out and say it. So if the girl tells you she likes you there is a 99% chance that she does. No she may not have her shit 100% together but if she likes you enough she will make you a priority. When a girl is in she is all in, that is if you’ve found the right girl.

2. Head games aren’t fun.

When you reach a sensible age, head games are no longer attractive in any way, shape or form. They are simply just childish and if you want to be adults with the potential for an adult relationship the best advice around is to steer clear of them. The truth is that if a guy is playing head games with you he isn’t mature enough for an adult relationship in the first place. If all you are doing is playing games then chances are the girl is going to find better because in all honesty she deserves it.

3. We understand you have feelings too.

Believe it or not sometimes it takes girls a little bit of time to realize that guys have feelings too, but by your twenties you should realize that. Girls just have a different way of showing their feelings, they tend to be much more open about them. Boys on the other hand don’t usually say things as openingly. Recently I had my manfriend say to me, “if you were home tonight I would’ve made you a chicken burger.” If you know him you know this is one of his ways of saying he cares while I would’ve said something like, “I wish you were home tonight.” Note, we are doing the whole long-distance thing right now as I am away at college. Boys show their feelings just in different ways.

4. Having a sex drive just isn’t a ‘guy’ thing.

Guys it is plain and simple, girls have sex drives too. Oh and guess what else, sometimes they might want to have sex more frequently than you do and honestly if you have a girl who is always willing to have sex with you then be thankful and realize she’s a keeper.

5. ‘Not Dating’ but ‘Dating’ is only going to last so long.

Every “couple” goes through that period of bliss and figuring things out before Defining the Relationship; however, this said period can only last so long. Personally, I am okay with this period because sometimes you need time to figure out if you truly like this person and how compatible you are with each other. But this period can only go on so long because you hit a point when you are basically dating this person without a label but then you’re at a family function and you don’t know what to introduce this person as. After a solid three to four months you should have things figured out and if you don’t then the relationship in the long run if continued will probably have deeper issues.

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